Feeling Run Down? Exhaustion Symptoms And What You Can Do



Exhaustion Is No Joke: Here’s What You Need To Know

Sometimes it is really hard to say no. Even if you’re feeling run down and tired, it can be quite difficult to step away from all your responsibilities for that much-needed rest. But there are times when you really do need to take a moment and address exhaustion. If you’re busy taking care of kids, colleagues, and older relatives, when are you going to notice that you should stop?


There are certain exhaustion signs that you really shouldn’t ignore. These are your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong and it’s time to invest a little attention to yourself.

Have a look in the mirror. Dark circles and baggy eyes could be a sign of poor nutrition, dehydration, and a lack of adequate exercise. These things can be fixed quite quickly with a little TLC. However, dark circles could also be a sign of a problem with your liver, especially if you’re on medication. Until you take the time to address these things, you’re not going to make them better.




Getting out of puff walking up the stairs? Perhaps you’re just unfit. Could it possibly be a sign that there is something else wrong? Until you speak to a medical professional and have some tests, it is difficult to know. Anemia can leave you a little light-headed, making exercise difficult. Of course, if you have chest pains, headaches or other symptoms, it’s best to seek an urgent care doctor or emergency room. Don’t ignore symptoms that concern you or your loved ones.


Rashes come and go for lots of people. They can be caused by food sensitivities, seasonal allergies, or a change of soap. Some rashes are much more serious than a skin reaction. Contact your doctor if the rash doesn’t fade under a glass tumbler. If you’re feeling ill with the rash, this too could be a sign of an illness that may be contagious or harmful to others.



We’ve all suffered from the flu. It leaves you bedridden for a couple of weeks, and you’ll feel the aches and pains of joints and muscles for a while too. These symptoms can occur from lots of other causes too. Poisoning, stress, chronic insomnia, and serious illnesses can give you flu-like symptoms. If you’re not sure what is happening, consult a doctor.


Unexpected swelling around the joints, face or neck area are certainly unpleasant but can be a symptom of serious problems. Allergies can cause these symptoms. If you have recently started a new medication, check with your doctor or pharmacist. If you have been pale for a few days, or your fingernails and lips are blue-tinged, don’t delay in seeking medical help.


Many illnesses and exhaustion are overcome with rest, good food, and plenty of water. It’s easy to become run down, stressed and tired. Busy lives often force us to ignore those aches and pains, and the odd sniffle. However, it’s important to check in with yourself once in a while. New symptoms that don’t improve should be discussed with your medical professional. Stay well.

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