Keep The Glow: A Skin Care Guide To Avoiding Skin Problems In The Future

Keep The Glow: A Handy Guide To Avoiding Skin Problems In The Future
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How To Prevent Skin Problems And Have Glowing Skin

Admit it, we all assumed we would grow out of our skin problems when we left our teenage years behind, right? The annoying truth of the matter is that our skin problems change as we age, but they never go away entirely. Our skin is the largest organ of our body and a really good indicator of our overall health. Poor diet, mental health issues, and all manner of other problems can surprisingly show themselves on our skin, so it’s important to know how to avoid it.


Stay Hydrated

Water flushes toxins out of your body and enables skin cells to repair themselves effectively. It can keep acne-type spots at bay, help to repair dry skin, and give you an overall clearer complexion. And if that’s not reason enough to ensure you get your eight glasses of water a day, it can even stop wrinkles from developing quickly. Collagen is the stuff in your skin that keeps it plump and tight, but it needs a good amount of water to keep up production, especially as we get a bit older.


Find A Personalized Skincare Regime

Everyone’s skin problem is different. We suffer from different conditions, from acne to eczema, blackheads to angular cheilitis (the sore patches in the corners of your mouth), but different remedies work for different people.

While the doctor is some people’s first port of call, others would prefer to use home remedies such as apple cider vinegar for acne, or honey for angular cheilitis – check out here for more ideas for home remedies The main thing is, though, to remember that one thing might work for one person that doesn’t work for another – it’s all about trial and error, and learning to understand your own body.


Keep The Glow: A Handy Guide To Avoiding Skin Problems In The Future


Let Your Skin Breathe

If we’re suffering from poor skin, it can be tempting to buy everything at the drugstore to try to counteract it. In fact, you could be doing yourself a massive disservice. Skin needs to breathe, so if you’re covering your face in all manner of serums, gels, moisturizers and toners, you’re blocking your pores more than ever.

Not to mention the fact that your problems could be a result of sensitive skin, and all the concoctions are just irritating it further. Strip your routine back to gentle soap, perfumeless moisturizer, and water, and see if there are any improvements.


Eat Healthy

What you eat shows on your skin. A healthy, balanced diet with lots of fresh fruit and leafy greens will result in a brighter, clearer complexion and less skin problems. People with a bit more of a penchant for processed and fatty foods may find that their skin is oilier and their pores get blocked more quickly, resulting in pimples and breakouts. Eat well, and your skin will thank you.


How you treat your body and skin can obviously affect its clarity, but if you have any major concerns, or skin problems just refuse to clear up, be sure to visit your dermatologist for some expert advice.

How to keep glowing skin and prevent skin promblems with an awesome skin care guide


  1. I love learning about the skin. I give advice to friends and family all the time. The water drinking is difficult for most people but that is my #1 rule cause it works. Started off on a water app.

  2. That happened to me once where I was using all these great, natural things on my skin but I kept breaking out. It was too much and was irritating my skin to no end. I then had to first figure out my skin type and use products meant for it. The results were so much better!

    1. indeed it does! It suffocates your skin I prefer to use something light now like BB cream or tinted moisturizer. Foundation actually makes wrinkles stand out more

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