Recuperating From Childbirth: 4 Ways To Make A Swift Recovery


How To Recover From Childbirth Quickly

Having a child is tough on the body. It’s easy to get distracted looking out for the baby’s health that you forget to look after your own. You were probably hoping that once the birth was over, bodily functions would return to how they were before you became pregnant. But that couldn’t be further from the case – pregnancy and childbirth set the whole body into disarray. Here are some ways to cope with the aftershocks of childbirth and get your body gradually back to normality.


Stay hydrated

Your body stores lots of fluid during pregnancy. After birth, all this fluid has to come out, so for the first few days, it can seem as if you’re having to pee a lot! This can trick many into thinking that they don’t need to drink as much. However, if anything, you need to drink more.

Dehydration often leads to constipation, which can be painful as this uses many of the same tired and torn muscles as childbirth. If you are breastfeeding, this will also require fluids. Keep drinking liquids and ignore the constant peeing – it will go in a week.


Keep exercising

The natural response to childbirth is exhaustion. For the first few days, you should definitely get rest – but don’t let yourself slip into laziness. Exercising your stomach muscles as soon as you can will get rid of that bump and return your tummy to how it was before. Fail to exercise these muscles and you may not be able to shift the belly. Exercising can also prevent other ailments from setting in such as varicose veins. Of course, be sure to take it easy. There’ll be a lot of damage that needs repairing and if you return to exercise too vigorously you may reopen up tears and pull muscles.  


Fix complications

You may have stitches or other injuries if the childbirth didn’t go entirely smoothly. It’s natural to get some pain and bleeding after birth, but some of it may need extra attention. Get these complications fixed as soon as possible so that you can heal faster. If you received an injury during the birth that could have been fixed and you don’t trust your midwife (it happens), go private (you may be able to get some money from birth injury lawyers!). Act fast and get healed up quick to avoid infections and further tears.

Get sleep


This is easier said than done. With your baby crying in the night, physical discomfort and anxieties about becoming a parent, many get little to no sleep for the first week. However, sleep is important in helping your body recover faster. Get a partner or family member to look after your little one for a few hours while you take a nap. Don’t try to be a full-time single parent.

If you have a partner take nights in shifts so that one of you always gets a full night’s sleep. Feel free to take herbal medication that can help you sleep – just be careful of other medicine that may affect breastfeeding (medication will always have a warning). The more sleep you get, the happier you’ll be, also leading to a happy baby!

When you first have a baby you only think of them, I get it I’ve had three but taking care of yourself after childbirth ensures you and your child are as healthy as possible.

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