Awesome Tips To Relieve Stress With Adult Coloring



Stress is literally killing us and making us sick. We know this and at times seem powerless to stop it. I know this first hand being a highly stressed individual myself. I believe I am genetically predisposed to  it as many of my relatives are clinically depressed.
There was a time I thrived on it but over time, it became more and more difficult to manage. Eventually, I noticed it greatly affected my stomach and digestion, which is common due to the Cortisol factor.
It is truly fascinating how our minds affect our bodies. Our thoughts, feelings, and overall mindset affect the function physically. For me ,there are times I don’t even realize I’m stressed out until my body tells me so.


We know that exercising Mindfulness and Meditations greatly reduces stress. Being Mindful basically, means being present in the moment. Thinking and feeling in the right now. Meditation partners this with stillness and breathing.
I have tried Meditation and to be honest it is very challenging for me. I have trouble being still and clearing my mind. So I set off on a mission to find something that would work for me. If you’re like me you need to be occupied with something.


Art Therapy is therapy, that uses creative, expression that improves all matters of well-being. Physical, mental and emotional issues have been helped by this effective, unorthodox treatment.
It uses art and creativity to make the patient reach awareness without struggling to voice what they may not realize or acknowledge.


We know what coloring does for children. It has been proven to improve Fine Motor skills and Self Esteem. So when coloring for adults became popular I was skeptical. My thinking, which was totally wrong was it was for children and I’m a grown woman. We should all embrace child things.
The truth is coloring puts you in a state of mindfulness because it is physically connected it allows you to live in the moment of the activity. It relieves stress and fills you with the joy of creativity. Creating something makes you feel accomplished and joyful.
It is now a million dollar industry. They sell coloring books for adults everywhere. There are even places like Santa Maria Library, that hold events to color.
It is suggested that adults use colored pencils and markers. Websites have cropped up where you can get free coloring pages. Here are a few:
So I decided I had to try it, I’ll try anything once! I have to admit, what the experts have said is totally true. My granddaughter was visiting so this was the perfect opportunity to bond and relax. While I was coloring I didn’t feel silly and it totally occupied my mind.
My Masterpiece

Definitely Worth Trying!

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