Fitness Resolution Failed? It’s Not Too Late To Get In Shape

get in shape
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How To Reignite Your Fitness Resolution And Get In Shape

Chances are, you woke up a month ago with a gritted determination to get in shape, to get fit, to eat better and exercise more. But after two measly gym trips – which resulted in you walking past the gym door and heading straight for the spa – you gave up again.

It was meant to be your year, but it didn’t work out that way. Well, it doesn’t have to be game over. This could be the month you put your plans into action. You’ve done Dry January; now it’s time for Fit February. That’s what we’re here for. We’ve compiled a list of ways to motivate yourself into exercising. So get up, get your body moving and get exercising with these bits of useful advice.


Set A Goal And Eye Up A Reward

Bribery is often given a bad name, but it doesn’t always have to be bad. And, anyway, how can bribing yourself be considered bad. As such, why not set yourself goals and then give yourself tangible rewards for doing so. They can start small, such as no more Gilmore Girls until after you’ve been to the gym. Or you can have that smoothie, but first, you need to run 5km.

It is just about getting into a habit whereby you see the benefits. At first, this can be the reward, but later it will be the exercise itself that you are craving. It’s a neurological cycle. So put your gym shoes by the door, along with your bag, as a way of triggering your motivation and then once you’ve completed your 5km, come back and indulge in a galaxy chocolate bar. Simple. Your brain will soon learn that the workout is the reward. We promise.

get in shape

Get Yourself Some New Gear

It is one of the oldest tricks in the book, but we want to wear, use and show off our new clothes. It doesn’t matter whether they are Louboutin heels, Lee jeans, Oxford brogues or a new lycra running outfit with fluorescent Adidas sneakers. We have an innate desire to want to wear new stuff.

So go and buy yourself something incredible, something that you will want to wear, something that will make you get up in the mornings and get active. It doesn’t even have to be expensive because there are so many methods to grab bargains these days. There are sales all the time, so get to the shop and buy.

get in shape

Make It A Lifestyle

Start eating healthier. Buy a cookbook that is all about healthy eating. Maybe even buy one that specializes in easy, cheap and healthy recipes. That Joe Wicks must have something out like that because it is how he’s built his empire. Alternatively, get yourself some nutritional supplements and make one each morning as a way of kicking you out the door and going on a run, or going to pilates of spinning class. The best way to do this is to grab a promotional deal, like Code Promo Myprotein, and just going for it. You’ve just been paid, so there are no excuses now.

Did you fail to stay on track with your fitness resolutions? You can still get in shape and here's how

We all make New Year’s resolutions and we have the best intentions but the truth is we can live up to our promises anytime. I hope these tips to get in shape help you get back on track.

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