Returning to Work: Advice on Settling Back into Work After Sick Leave


How To Find The Work Groove After Being Sick

A long period away from work can be a stressful time. Although you might keep in contact with your colleagues, it’s difficult to return after you’ve been away for so long. Maybe protocols changed, perhaps someone has taken your job, or maybe people you once worked with have moved on to different departments or jobs.

Regardless of how you feel, you need to return to work because you won’t be receiving sick pay forever. Only return once you feel capable of doing so, and never push yourself and reduce your sick leave just to come back to work. To help you get settled in again at your workplace, here’s some advice.


Communicate with Your Boss

Whether your accident was in the workplace or not, make sure to keep in touch with your supervisor or employer about your condition. Some people are eager to get back to work even without a full recovery, so your boss needs to know what you are capable of. They might also refer you to a personal injury attorney if it wasn’t a workplace injury so that you can have some peace of mind as you work.

If you suffered an injury that prevents you from doing regular work, then you may need some assistance or to have a lighter workload in the first few weeks you return. Keep in touch with your employer and let them know about your recovery and any problems that you encounter. The last thing you want is to hurt yourself again, so don’t act carelessly especially if your job involves heavy lifting or stressful work.

If the injury was due to a workplace accident, then you may be asked to attend a meeting with your employer about health and safety. In particular, you may be asked to give your experience and offer suggestions on how to improve safety around the workplace or prevent it from happening again.

Take it Easy

If you’re still suffering from pain and other related problems, then don’t stress yourself out at work. Remember to take the necessary precautions to relieve pain, especially during the winter months. Never leave work without your medication and make sure to let your colleagues and employer know of any issues that they might need to help you with.

If your employer or colleagues are giving you a rough time, then do your best to ignore their taunts and seek advice. Some people find it funny to mock people who’ve been out of work for a long time, and you should do your best to avoid them as much as possible. Ask them politely to stop bothering you, and focus on your recovery.


If you feel unfit for work, then there’s no shame in staying home an extra few days or asking your boss for a shorter day. Don’t make a habit of forcing yourself to come into work and then leaving early. If you feel unwell in the morning, then stay at home and call in sick or extend your leave a couple of days.

Returning to work after being ill or recovering from an injury isn’t always easy and sometimes we aren’t aware of our rights. I hope these tips help!

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