How To Have The Right Mindset For Weightloss


So you want to lose weight and you think when you do it is going to fix everything. If I were 20 pounds lighter I would be happy. Society celebrates thinness and fills our minds with the idea that physical perfection equals happiness.

We think that it’s food and our bodies that are making us unhappy. That is probably the biggest lie we tell ourselves. Sure food is the problem but not the whole problem. Before we treat the outside, we have to treat the inside.


If you don’t accept and love yourself overweight, you won’t thin either and you will sabotage any weight loss progress you make. 

I had a major weight loss success when I was 36. I lost over fifty pounds. At first, yes the fact that I suddenly could wear a size six again filled me with a high. You go out buy new sexy clothes. Revel in the fact that people are looking at you, you feel great!

What I didn’t do was examine how I got there. That is something you absolutely must do. The first question you have to ask yourself is how you gained the weight. I was at a very unhappy point in my life and feeding my emotions with food.


We don’t emotionally eat with carrot sticks either. For me it was pretzels. But the fact is this is a behavior we are taught early on in life. In order to even think about changing to a healthier lifestyle, you have to deal with what’s inside and acknowledge it.

Some common factors that lead to Emotional Eating are:

  • Relationship Problems
  • Work Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Money
  • Health

It is impossible to erase stress from your life but finding ways of managing it can change bad habits to more productive outlets. Take up a hobby that is physical in some way to keep your mind and hands busy. 

Distract Yourself

Keep a Food Journal where you write down what you eat, how much you eat, and what you are feeling at the time you eat it. Seeing the negative emotions can allow you to flip them. Write down how you can change the emotion besides eating.


Don’t keep these comfort foods in the house. If you have to go out for them it gives you time to think about what you’re doing.Instead, stock up on healthy snacks. Believe me,they grow on you.


Self-Esteem and poor body image can also sabotage weight loss. You could lose tons of weight and always see that person in your mind.

Give yourself a break, be nice to you. You are way more than your reflection. Remove toxic people from your life who don’t add value to your confidence. Tell yourself positive things every day. If you say it enough, you do start to believe it.

Dealing with the inside leads to more success on the outside. Then you’re ready to begin the weight loss journey.

Be Healthy

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