Dream of Running a Marathon? Make 2017 The Year To Achieve It!


A Running Guide To Get You Started

With the new year upon us, lots of us are making goals. After relaxing and overindulging over the holidays, many of those goals are usually health and fitness related. We might want to lose a certain amount of weight, take up weight lifting, stretch or do more yoga, or even run a marathon. If it is the latter, then don’t just talk about it; make it happen! How can you make sure that you get a goal like that crossed off your list? Here are a few ideas to help it stick and then you can actually achieve your goals.



Make It Simple


It is going to be hard to achieve any kind of goal if it is difficult to work towards. Healthy eating doesn’t start with filling your cupboards with sugary foods. The same things go for running; if you’re not going to head out in all weather to run on roads, then make other plans. It could be joining a gym to run there, joining a sports team or perhaps even creating gym or getting a treadmill at home.

Then you can make sure that training happens, even if it is cold, wet, and horrible outside. You don’t want to get any flimsy gym equipment, though, especially if you are going to be using it on most days. So make sure you check out reviews online. So search online for something like ‘Sole F85 treadmill reviewed,’ for example. Then you can make sure you are getting the right piece of equipment for your needs.


Set Goals Within a Goal


When you set yourself goals within a goal, it makes it much easier to work towards. The end goal can seem so far off sometimes. So for running a marathon, set smaller goals. It might be running a 5k by a certain time after four weeks of training. Then it might be running a 10k. Close to the race you need to think about booking a half-marathon so you can get plenty of practice in. These are all smaller goals that you can work towards, that will, in the end, help you to achieve the main goal.



Don’t Punish Yourself


Say you get an injury, or you miss a day of training, don’t beat yourself up about it. These things do happen. The worst thing to do is to fester and feel upset about it. It could put you off training more, or could even make you double up the program. Neither are good choices as the latter could result in further injury. Just pick up where you left off and go from there.



Get The Right Equipment


With anything, cooking, building, or running, you need the right equipment to make it happen. You need to think about the right footwear, clothing, and accessories to make it happen. None of it needs to be expensive. But it does need to work for you. If you overpronate you will need a certain type of shoe, for example. The right equipment will help you achieve your goals in a much easier fashion.

I hope this running guide helps you to get training towards that marathon in no time!

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