Self Care 101: How To Look After Yourself For Total Mind- Body Health

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How To Practice Total Mind-Body Health

We are always going to want to the best from life. We want good times in the Sun, we want happy memories on vacation, we want to be fulfilled at work and in life. Simply put, we are always going to want more from life. That can lead to many things – for one, it can lead to a better living situation and a better standard of living. However, it can also lead to poor mind-body health  

 If you push yourself too hard with only one goal in sight, you can end up hurt and in bad shape. You need to keep one eye on the bigger picture while striving for your goals and if you are overworking or pushing yourself far too hard, you might end up banged, stressed out and out of luck. Striving too hard can cause some serious pain.

So, while it’s certainly good to want the best out of life, make sure it doesn’t come at a big cost. You’re not a currency that can be traded for a better life and you won’t benefit your mind body and soul if you push yourself far too hard. No matter what you choose to do in life, you always need to look out for yourself. You need to look after your mind, so you can go through life in a normal manner without worrying. You need to look after your body so that you can stay healthy and fight off any illnesses that you might contract. You need to look after your spirit as well to ensure that you are making the most out of your life and time spent on this Earth.


How To Start

How do you start looking after yourself? Well, in the first instance you need to take a step back and start actually thinking about things. If you’re not considering every action you make, whether you’re putting a french fry into your mouth, or staying for overtime at work, then you’re running on autopilot. You’re not a machine, you need to be considerate of the actions you take and whether they have a mind-body health benefit for you.

mind-body health

If they do not, then you might want to reconsider them and choose a new path. From now on, you need to look out for yourself, and that means thinking about the choices you make and choosing ones that might benefit you a bit more often.

How Is Your Overall Health?

The first thing you need to consider when looking after yourself is your general health. Do you feel well? Are you sick? No energy? Are you feeling sluggish, nauseous or fatigued? If so, there could be a reason, or there could be several underlying reasons as to why you feel that way. It might be a general issue that can’t be cured or identified as it is unique to you, or there could be a cause.


You won’t actually know until you can consult the opinion of a medical professional or a trained doctor. There is a trend of self-diagnosis lately, and while there is a lot to be said for the benefits of sites like Web.MD and the benefits they provide, self-diagnosing yourself with a serious issue can be a danger.


Why do people do this? Well, we always fear the unknown and what is quicker than a rapid internet search for the answers to our questions? This can be seriously bad news for us though – for instance, why cause extra worry when you realize that serious ailments have the same symptoms as some terrible illnesses? In fact, if you believe you have an illness – when you don’t – you can actually develop that illness.


This is called a psychosomatic disorder. Still, general fear for health, a phobia of doctors or a concern about medical malpractice can lead people to look for answers elsewhere. This shouldn’t be you – if you’re not feeling yourself, or if you’ve noticed something worrying – ensure that you book an appointment with a medical professional to get everything checked over. If there’s no problem, you’ll get the all-clear, if there is a problem, you’ll be in a good position to be treated. You won’t know until you go.

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Health Issues

There are plenty of issues and ailments that can strike our body – and while going to a doctor to be diagnosed and treated is a key part of looking after yourself, you still need to do the hard work yourself day in and day out to ensure that you’re ok. Leading a healthy lifestyle starts with your actions. Only you have a say in what you eat and how you live your life. Our body is a machine and it relies on our actions to keep performing. If we make a habit of eating food with poor nutrition, we will damage our body in so many ways.


Good Nutrition

The food that we eat is the fuel for our body and consistently eating the wrong types of food is just like putting the wrong type of fuel in your car – it’s damaging. Thankfully, our bodies are incredible at recovery and will bounce back from any poor treatment. However, you can push the body too far with bad food – clogged arteries and a poor diet will lead to a lifetime of digestive and cardiovascular issues that can be fatal.


If your mind-body health is in a poor state, you might need to make changes sooner, rather than later to benefit from a healthy lifestyle. Good food? It’s anything really – in moderation. The key with you a diet is balance. Eat on a foundation of protein and enjoy fibre through fruit and vegetables and try to stay away from red meats and anything obviously processed. This includes salted, cured and preserved meats. Processed foods can be extremely damaging to our digestive systems and very hard for us to process (the irony).


If we can get into the habit of eating good, nutritious food, we can enjoy the benefits of it – including energy and health. When we start looking at eating fewer calories than we burn throughout the day, we can look to lose weight, or we can try to break even and commit to staying at a stable weight. Food is the foundation of our health and can improve our body and our mind.


Food has a major role in our life, but we shouldn’t ignore fitness altogether. Why a stable, balanced and healthy diet is the foundation of our bodily health, fitness can improve the functions and feel of the body. From toning up to improving internal cardiovascular health and strength exercises, fitness is all about improving yourself based on the foundation of a healthy diet.


However, fitness does present danger. Performing exercises that are simply too much for us can cause serious injury. We see this in athletes who are being laid off from a sport for years because of broken bones and muscular tears. You might be no athlete, and you need your body for more than 90 minutes of sport, so be careful about the exercises that you perform.


If you push your body too hard, you can get injured and be in pain for a while. The real danger? If you push your heart too hard or have any underlying health conditions, the consequences of over-exercising can be fatal. Don’t let that put you off exercise, and if you do have any issues – consult a doctor before you start exercising, or if you experience any pain during exercise.


A good diet and regular exercise of some kind – even walking the dog – can be a real foundation for mind-body health and happy life, so if you want to look after yourself, get out and eat some good food.


Your mind is just as important as your body, and you should be taking good care of it like it’s a muscle and part of your body. We tend to place a huge disconnect on the brain and mental health, and we can remove it from physical health. This isn’t right. Mental health is indeed health, and mental health woes should be taken as seriously as physical illnesses and ailments.


If you want to do a better job of looking after yourself, start with your mind. Mental health issues need to be talked about, so if you’re down – or struggling, speak out and try to get help.While we certainly do need to think about things and be mindful, we can overthink about things that are not necessary. This can be a total disease and lead to worry and stress.


Stress is a huge problem. While it certainly serves its use, we are not cavemen sprinting from life or death danger. We don’t need the adrenaline boost of stress, and it can be hugely dangerous. Stress is something that needs to be used – much like sugar, but we have no way of using it. Look after yourself, try to avoid or cope with stress in life, because it is a real danger.


If you want to look after yourself at all times, start with your actions. You might not change the world, but you could help yourself stay safe, healthy and happy by taking an active role in your mind-body health.

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