Aging Tips: How To Broach the Subject of Senior Care

Effective Ways To Discuss Senior Care

When your parents start getting to a certain age, it’s time to start considering the future. While in many eastern societies families remain close together throughout their lives, this is not always the case in the west. For the vast majority of people, death is one of those things that doesn’t bear thinking about so people put it off for as long as possible. The only way you are going to be able to deal with this extremely difficult time of life is to be prepared.


Every family is different, with various dynamics and issues to deal with, but here are just a few general points to consider.


Call A Family Meeting

Even if you’re parents are still in good health, you never know what the future will hold so it’s better to be prepared for any negative events before they happen. Before calling the family meeting, you should broach the topic of senior care a couple of times so that things aren’t coming completely out of the blue.

Make sure it is done face to face as this is not the kind of conversation to have over the phone. Your parents and all your siblings should be present, and everyone should be given an opportunity to express their opinions. Though it may be difficult, you need to explain why you are having this meeting and how it will ensure everyone is better prepared in the future.

Effective Ways To Discuss Senior Care

Find Out Your Parents’ Wishes

Your parents are likely to be very reluctant to give up their independence, but someday, this may have to be a necessity. It may be the case that they decide to move to an assisted living community to retain as much independence as they can. Another alternative is that they move closer to you, so you are able to help out when you can. The worst thing is for people to become isolated, so even if your parents are very reluctant to move, it’s up to you to take charge of the situation.


Decide On Your Role

Depending on what stage you are at in life, you may want to take a very hands-on approach in the senior care of your parents. Their health issues may mean that you are not able to take on the entire task yourself, or you require help such as some palliative care for cancer or a dedicated mental health nurse. Even if you decide not to take such an active role, you should still determine how often you will be able to see them or whether responsibilities will be split between you and your siblings.

Effective Ways To Discuss Senior Care

Be Realistic

Ultimately, old age and death is something we all have to deal with, but people treat senior care as a taboo subject. The moment someone tries to bring it up, they are often told to quiet down or stop being so morbid. If people confront old age head on, they are much more likely to be able to deal with it when the time comes. It may well be the last taboo, but it’s time to change that.   


  1. This is really good advice for broaching into the subject of senior care. Discussing senior care can be extremely difficult to bring up but this post is really helpful. Thanks for sharing this.

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