Unique WaysTo Stay Social As A Senior Citizen

Staying Social As A Senior Citizen
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The Benefits Of Senior Citizen Programs And How To Stay Social

Keeping a good social life as you age has been shown to ward off mental conditions like dementia and depression – alongside a healthy diet and a lot of senior citizen activities. Here are some ways that you can stay socially connected in your senior years.


Join a club

Along with retirement comes a lot of free time. Why not occupy this time by trying out all the hobbies and senior citizen activities you were too busy to pursue during your working life? Some more physical activities may be off-limits but there are all kinds of other clubs from art classes to film clubs to book clubs, as well as specialist senior-oriented clubs that offer discount day trips to sports events, seaside resorts, and theaters. As well as giving you new goals, these clubs will provide the chance to meet new people and make new connections.


Embrace the internet

Research has found that internet use results in a thirty percent decrease in depressive symptoms amongst senior citizens. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as email communication and video-call software such as Skype, have all made it easy to stay in contact with friends and loved ones. If you’re not digitally savvy get a family member or friend to show you the ropes, or join a computer course for senior citizens.



Working gives some people a reason to get up in the mornings, but retiring should be a time to relax so you don’t want to be tied down by a full-time job. Instead, try taking up a part-time voluntary job. This will keep your mind active and keep you social. You can even take up paid work – as a senior citizen just be careful of taking on too much work.

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Senior Citizen Center

If you currently feel isolated or feel that there’s no-one of your own age in your neighborhood, it may benefit you to find a local retirement community. This opportunity will give you the chance to stay social with people on your own level, whilst offering an independence separate from retirement homes. Many have on-call nurses but still offer you your own property and independence, as opposed to renting a room in a retirement home.


Offer Family Assistance

Children and grandchildren will no doubt value your assistance. Retirement offers you flexible free time allowing you to take grandchildren on day trips during summer vacations while their parents get on with work (or simply to have some space). You’re grown up children may also need help settling down and you can help with these plans drawing on your experience.

Staying Social As A Senior Citizen

Doing this will not only keep you socially active but give you more goals to focus on, as well as playing a continuous role in the family. Especially when dealing with grandchildren, you may meet other senior citizens of your age while taking part in activities, allowing you to build more social connections and make more friends.

Being a senior citizen doesn’t mean your social life is over. There are many activities in Senior Citizen Centers and it’s a chance to slow down and enjoy being grandparents.

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