Sex And Your Health: STD Signs You Need To Know



How To Know If You Have An STD

Are you sexually active? Oh my gosh, flashback to when I was a teenager, being interviewed by my mother! In all seriousness, there’s nothing wrong with being sexually active. You don’t even have to feel ashamed about sleeping around. You only live once and as One Direction said, you might as well live while you’re young. Or was it Kesha? Both were a few years back now, but the point is that it’s perfectly normal.

The only problem is those darn STDs, and some of them are quite nasty. The good news is that almost every STD has a cure now. There are a few notable exceptions, but even they are starting to be phased out. However, you still need to know the signs of the STDs.


Socially Transmitted Diseases (STD) Explained




Chlamydia is often known as the silent disease. Often, there are no signs of chlamydia and this is why you should get tested for the disease every time you change sexual partners. Or, if you are in college, roughly once a month. That way, you can catch the disease before any serious issues develop. Chlamydia doesn’t have too many health issues attached to it, but it does cause problems with fertility.

You may not be aware that chlamydia can affect men as much as it can women. It can damage the reproductive tract, leaving men infertile and with a lower sperm count. Left untreated for years, the disease may also cause more far-reaching damage to the body. This can include problems with the liver.
One of the most common symptoms of the disease is a pain while peeing. However, other people may also notice blood in their urine. Unfortunately, signs such as this are incredibly rare, particularly in males. This is one of the reasons why the disease is considered to be so dangerous. You can order chlamydia treatment online if you think you have symptoms.




If Chlamydia is a silent disease, then HIV is accurately described as the silent killer. The issue with HIV is that symptoms won’t start to develop until the disease transforms into aids. At this point, it is far more difficult to treat, and levels of life expectancy are a lot lower. The only warning that you’ll get of Aids is what’s described as the flu from hell fourteen days after you contract the disease. You’ll be bedridden, you’ll have a killer headache, and you probably won’t be able to move.

But even this symptom is rare. Due to the lack of symptoms, doctors commonly recommend that you get three tests for HIV. One fourteen days after you may have contracted the disease, another six months later and a final test after a year. Don’t get paranoid here. You should only do this if you have been informed by someone you had relations with someone HIV positive. But sometimes it’s better to be safe than sorry. It’s also worth pointing out that the chances of contracting the disease through oral are roughly one percent.

Have you got the clap? Well the good thing about Gonorrhea, if there is a good thing, is that you’ll certainly know about it. Gonorrhea has a wide variety of symptoms attached to it. These include anal itching, blood discharge, genital itching, abdominal pain, and fever. However, again, it’s important to realize that you can have gonorrhea without any symptoms. On the other hand, there are definitely some health issues you’ll notice when the disease starts to spread.

One sign that something is going wrong would be pain during sexual intercourse. It depends on how far through the body the disease has spread because it can also lead to heart problems. There are treatments for gonorrhea, no matter how long you have had the disease. If you think there is any chance that you might have contracted it, you should get tested. This is another case where it’s best to know for sure.

Fun fact, a cold sore on your mouth is actually a form of herpes. I bet you remember that next time you have one of those annoying sores on your lips. Herpes are quite a helpful STD because the signs and symptoms are clear as day. You might experience itching, burning and red sores around the genitals.

There are also symptoms that are more rare such as partial face paralysis. Yes, herpes can literally stop one side of your face from functioning. I bet they never taught you that in school did they? Luckily, it’s another disease that’s very treatable but one that you don’t want to leave for too long.



Sex is fun but it’s important to protect and educate yourself from STDs. Be healthy

The awkward post is over, and I certainly hope you learned something. Remember, you should be aware of these signs even if you are married. It will be a clear sign your partner isn’t faithful.  


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