Good Doc Bad Doc: Signs That You Need to Replace Your Doctor


Top Signs You May Need A New Doctor

Healthcare is no laughing matter these days. It’s expensive and depending on your location and the doctors you consult, you could end up spinning a wheel of fortune in hopes that you land on a well-trained and caring healthcare professional.

If you’ve ever experienced one that just doesn’t seem to care, prescribes you useless medication, or has terribly messy handwriting that you can’t even comprehend, then it might be a sign that you need to switch as soon as possible and report your current one to your country’s medical board.

They deal with people’s lives every day, and to have someone that doesn’t seem to care about your wellbeing is an atrocity. To help you make that decision, here are some of the signs that you should get rid of your doc, as well as some of the consequences that may happen as a result if you don’t.


Your Doctor Has No Respect For You

If you’ve ever waited in line to see doctors only to have them speed through your appointment as if they’re in a hurry to get home, then it’s time to say goodbye. Not only will your doctors miss vital information that could lead to a misdiagnosis of your problem, it’s also extremely rude and disrespectful to treat patients like cattle that come in and out of the practice just so they can get paid.

If they are regularly late to your appointment or you notice you appointments getting shorter and the wait times longer, then you need to seriously consider attending a different practice and get a doctor that values your time and respects you.

Your Medication Isn’t Working

A combination of a bad doctor and wrong medication can be disastrous. If you feel that your doctor has prescribed you useless drugs or gives you the same medication despite you telling them that they are ineffective, then you need to find a new doctor as soon as possible. A doctor should never re-prescribe drugs that the patient doesn’t find effective.

In some cases, wrong or outdated drugs might be prescribed to you, and it could have some serious or even fatal consequences. Drug recall litigation services are available if you feel that your health has suffered due to a bad prescription because it could be a recalled drug that isn’t supposed to be used anymore. Contact medical authorities as soon as possible and tell them about your experiences with your doctor.

Your Doctor Doesn’t Tell You Everything

A doctor is obliged to be truthful and open about everything that’s going on with your body. If your doctor refuses to explain something, then you have a right to be dissatisfied and report them to a medical body to have them investigated.

If a doctor speaks in terms that you don’t understand, then politely ask for them to use simpler words and avoid medical jargon. If your doctor isn’t capable of doing that, then they are either incompetent and don’t understand the terms themselves, or they are purposely hiding something from you.

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