Vital Reminder! Don’t Forget About Skin Care During The Winter Months

skin care


The Health Benefits Of Winter Skincare

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire; kicking leaf piles and delighting as the colors change; your skin so sore and tight you can’t stand it – hang on. The third one there doesn’t quite fit with our idealized version of fall and winter, does it?

Yet it’s the reality, but one that is so frequently overlooked. It’s summer that you worry about skincare, right? You focus on the SPF factor of your sunscreen and seeking shade wherever you can. As the season changes, you finally have the chance to forget about that until spring rolls around again. In fall and winter, you’re not reminded of rough skin and a less-than-glowing complexion! You’re more covered up, so what’s the worry?

Unfortunately, the colder seasons are seriously rough on the body. Poor skin care through the winter months can lead to a nasty shock come springtime, not to mention the discomfort in the meantime. There are so many wonderful things to do over winter that you get distracted and then pay the price. 

Let this fall and winter be different. Here are a few areas to focus on, with running repairs to keep you going all through the darkest time of the year.

Winter Skin care For Face And Lips


With winter comes the central heating being switched on. As a result, your house is dry and cozy. One of those is fantastic – who doesn’t like being snuggled up? – but the other has its downsides.

Not for the house; houses don’t do so well with being damp. But the lack of humidity can really begin to tell on your face.

If you’re heating a home and removing moisture from the air, then you have to spend time putting it back into your skin.


Switch to using the oil cleansing method, or invest in a good moisturizer that you use religiously. Always protect your lips, especially when outside. Lip balms can be problematic, so opt for natural choices like shea butter or lanolin.


skin care

Anyone who has ever walked in a puddle and ended up with wet feet will sympathize; the cold in these months can feel like you’re under attack. Wherever possible, wear shoes that are waterproof and can protect against slipping on ice.

Your feet themselves need their care, too. They too will suffer from a lack of moisture, so regular soaks and massages are essential for keeping comfortable. This is also the time of year for cracked heels, so take immediate action if you see any signs of these appearing. See a chiropodist if persistent issues develop.

A Final Note: Sunblock Still Matters!

With the sun vanishing to the southern hemisphere and the temperatures going from roasting to acceptable, it’s easy to forget sunscreen. You go out in the daytime, sometimes for hours at a time, your skin exposed to the elements. Yet the sun doesn’t need to be strong to be able to cause damage. Furthermore, if you get snow then the reflections off it can cause sunburn even on a cloudy day.


To combat, continue to wear sunscreen whenever you’re outside. If you want a break from thick and gooey sunscreen, then many makeup lines now have inbuilt sunscreen. It may be rated 15 or so, but it’s definitely better than nothing. Skin care is vital to health, I hope these tips will help you.

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