Trouble Sleeping? Useful Ways To Get More Sleep


Trouble Sleeping? Here Is What’s Causing Your Sleep Problems And How To Fix It!


It is estimated that over the course of a lifetime, the average person spends 26 years sleeping. That is over a quarter of a century. It would be difficult to imagine something that we do more of over the course of a lifetime. That is not to say though that lots of people are good at it. While sleeping may not seem like something that people can be good at or not, the fact is that lots of adults still find that they are having sleep problems and that they wake up feeling tired. Others meanwhile will sleep uninterrupted every night for decades.



The differences between people who can sleep and those who can’t are numerous. If you are one of those people who does not feel as rested as they could, or that is feeling more serious effects (maybe it is interfering with your ability to do your job for instance, or it is affecting your relationships) then you need to do something about it. Here are some of the things that can cause insomnia and how to deal with them:


The first, and perhaps most obvious, thing to think about when considering how you sleep is where you sleep. With smartphones now so ubiquitous, many people use them just before they go to sleep. However, this is not going to help you at all. Research has found that looking at backlit devices can suppress the production of melatonin which the brain uses to induce sleep. Another thing to consider is the psychology of how you are in your bedroom.


If you work in bed or watch TV, your brain will associate that environment with those activities. When you want to sleep, you have to relax in a different way. To ensure you don’t have sleeping problems, you should only ever go to your bedroom to go to bed. Do everything else in a different place. Separating these things in your mind will give you a better chance of falling asleep when you need to.

sleeping problems

You also need to think about your bed itself. Not only can a bad mattress cause you not to sleep well (you need to be comfortable after all), it can cause unpleasant medical problems like serious back pain. It is, therefore, important to find a mattress that suits you. It is a myth that a hard mattress is necessarily better for you. It depends on how you sleep and what medical issues you may have. If you are already suffering, here are some of the best mattresses for back pain. Since you are going to spending so much of your life lying on your mattress, you should indulge yourself and get one that will protect your health. Back problems are notoriously painful, not to mention debilitating.

Sleeping disorders and how to fix them
Finally, what you eat and drink has a lot to do with sleeping problems. It is not good news though. Amongst the offenders are coffee, chocolate, alcohol, and anything with a high-fat content. Ditch some of these and you could sleep better tonight.

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