Easy Ways To Speed Up Your Metabolism That Rock


Want To Boost Your Metabolism? Check This Out

If you don’t already know, having a high (or fast) metabolism means that your body is burning energy from foods at a quicker rate than others. When trying to lose weight, this is ideally what you want because you will be burning off fat a lot quicker than if you have a slow metabolism, in which case your body burns off calories a lot slower, meaning it’ll take you longer to lose the excess weight.

But did you know that there are certain things you can do to alter your diet and pump up the speed? – Here’s how.

Drink tea or coffee.

If you’re a tea drinker, there are antioxidants that form inside it that are able to raise your metabolism to an incredible twelve percent! Also, the caffeine that lies in coffee stimulates the central nervous system (which is why you feel a buzz from it), and this can whip your metabolism into action too, by around five to eight percent a day, depending on how much you consume.

Don’t over eat.

The more you eat, the longer it’ll take to burn it off again. This by no means, means you should starve yourself though! If you’ve made dinner and finished the plate clean, but there’s a little bit leftover – leave it for tomorrow. The problem lies when you fill yourself up and then continue.

The act of doing this essentially stretches your stomach, so over time you will have to eat more because your stomach has more space to fill. An Intragastric Balloon Procedure can help with this. A qualified surgeon places a saline-filled silicone balloon into your stomach, which helps you lose weight by limiting how much you can eat. This isn’t a magic cure though – you still have to pair that up with a healthy diet for it to work the way it was intended to.

Energy up in the morning.

You’ve all heard by now that breakfast is the most important meal of the day for many different reasons. Well, it also jump-starts your metabolism and keeps your energy strong throughout the day. For some people, eating breakfast is a little tricky, especially when your body isn’t used to doing it.

If this is the case, just grab a yogurt and start with that until you’re able to eat a bowl of cereal packed with all the essential nuts and seeds that you should be getting into your diet – these will give you a much-needed protein boost.

Eat foods with iron.

Iron is the thing that helps carry oxygen to your muscles in order to burn fat. Women actually lose iron every month through menstruation (until menopause kicks in). So it’s so important that you restock everything that you’re losing otherwise you run the risk of having extremely low energy and an even lower metabolism. Food like spinach, beans, lean meats, and shellfish are all brilliant sources to get your iron from.

Fight fat with fiber.

Fiber should always be included in a healthy diet because it’s so good for you. There are two different types of fiber you can get too, while one can help slow down digestion, so your body has time to absorb all the important nutrients – the other helps you to pass food through the digestive system while adding bulk, meaning you are able to go to the toilet a lot easier, and more regular too.

In doing both of these things, it can also help you burn fat a lot quicker by an additional thirty percent!

Get some vitamin D.

Vitamin D is needed if you want to preserve the muscle tissue that boosts your metabolism. Fish are great for increasing your intake, things like tuna, salmon, and shrimp all work wonders. Eggs and fortified milk and cereal are also very good for this.


Indulge in protein.

Your body has to have protein included in a diet because it will maintain lean muscle. You can do this by adding some more meat, nuts and low-fat yogurt to every meal and snack you have daily. This will not only be giving you the nutrients you need, but it will help you to burn calories and speed up your metabolism even more by an extra thirty-five percent.

Skip the second cocktail.

If you plan to go out for drinks on the weekend with your girlfriends, make yourself aware that the more alcohol you drink the slower your metabolism willl be, the less fat you burn, and the slower you do it too. So if you’re deciding whether to stay for another cocktail or call it a night – think of what your body would prefer…


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