Vital Things To Do Before Starting A New Fitness Routine

Your Fitness Routine: Important First Steps


So, you’ve decided to start a fitness routine? Congratulations! However, while it’s an important first step, thinking about something is very different to making it happen. And there are a few things you need to do if you want to start a fitness routine properly – and stick with it. We’re going to go through a few of those essential tasks you must do right now, so read on and give yourself the best possible chance of achieving your fitness goals. Read on to find out more.


Visit your doctor

Always check in with your physician before starting out on a new exercise regime. Your doctor will be able to give you full health check and ensure that you are capable of increasing your activity levels safely.

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Fitness check

Your doctor will be able to tell you about your blood pressure, heart condition, and general health status. But you should also look into getting a full fitness check, either with a physical therapy service or a local physio. If you have any underlying injuries that you haven’t noticed, or little issues with your gait and posture while exercising, a full fitness test will reveal them. And your therapist will able to advise you on how to do your workouts without risking an injury.


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Find a gym

If you plan on joining a gym, don’t just choose the first one you see. Gyms are often good for a particular type of person, but won’t be a fit for everyone, It can take a time to find somewhere that you feel comfortable with, and it’s worth taking some time to find the right environment. If you end up hating your gym, you won’t go – it’s a simple as that.


Design a plan


As with everything else in life, you have a lot more chance of success when going into a new regime if you have a plan. The truth is that the biggest battle you will face will be a mental one – do you have the willpower to keep turning up, day in, day out? Creating a workable plan lays everything out in front of you, and all you need to do is stick with it.


Vital Things To Do Before Starting A New Fitness Routine


Make it fun

Workouts can be monotonous, and you will quickly get bored of doing the same old routines every other day. So, take a look around and ensure that you are designing a good range of workouts to keep your interests up. A personal trainer will help you, here, and tailor something according to your likes – and your needs. Don’t underestimate how important this is – many people’s reasons for quitting a new regime are because they lose interest.


Remember: small steps


You won’t get flat abs, great glutes, and perfectly-shaped arms after a single workout. You won’t get it after a week, either – or a month. However, keep turning up when your fitness routine says you should, and you will make some progress. It’s likely that you will feel things rather than see them, so make notes of all the little changes that are happening. Maybe you have noticed you are getting less short of breath after physical activity. Perhaps your sleeping is improving. Or, perhaps you are starting to feel happier a more confident in yourself. The point is, these changes are just as important as your six pack, so you deserve to feel good about them. Good luck!

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