Staying Healthy And Fit During The Holidays


A Commonsense Guide To Staying Healthy This Holiday Season

If you follow my blog you realize that I have a laid back approach to Weight Loss and Healthy Eating. That is because strict eating guidelines and weight loss programs don’t work. They don’t address the long-term and we need to change our relationship with food and exercise more than just lose the pounds.


It is the only method in my experience that truly works. I could give you a long list of foods you should be eating which would do no good if you don’t eat them. This couldn’t be truer than during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season. Instead, I have a formula that will help minimize the damage and erase the guilt.



Healthy Eating Tips For The Holidays

What if I told you the reason we gain so much weight isn’t the food your eating? Well, it is and it isn’t. Sure that pizza isn’t going to help you lose weight but the number one saboteur in our battle to maintain a healthy weight is PORTION CONTROL! This country (USA) in particular is way out of control in portion size.

Now think about the Thanksgiving Table. The turkey and 15 sides, ok I am exaggerating but not as far off as you think. Most of us are likely to pile our plate. This is what you are doing wrong!

Now I am by no means saying you can’t eat all of the delicious offerings, instead put a little of everything on your plate and I mean a little. Two to three bites. You should never eat until you’re full. If you are still hungry eat a few more bites.

My dad used to say to me as a child that if I ate too quickly I would get the collywobbles. Yes, I think he made up the word but it just sounded so horrible there was no way I was going to risk it. Eat your food slower. Not only does this allow you to fully savor the meal but it aids in digestion and will give you time to consider if you really want more.


Give Them Pie!

I wait all year for Pumpkin Pie and homemade cookies! When we are engaging a healthy lifestyle. we think these things are out of our reach. No, they aren’t and by telling yourself they are, you are setting yourself up for bingeing. Instead, adopt the by half approach.


By half means instead of depriving yourself, you only eat half. Instead of a handful of cookies, you eat 2 or 3. You set limits for yourself on sweets. If you have to, write it down somewhere to remind yourself of the allowed amount.


Walk It Off


It is even more important to keep up with your fitness routine during the holidays. There is a tendency to think we are on a break from exercise because we aren’t eating as well as we usually do. This thinking can cause setbacks in your progress and even lead to the weight gain you’re so concerned about. If anything, you want to add a little extra time to your routine.




What can really help when we have eaten too much is a relaxing walk afterward. I go walking after dinner every night. It is good for your body and your mind. Walking is a great bonding tool and stress reliever. It can greatly relieve bloating from eating too much.



Staying Healthy and maintaining your weight loss goals even during the holidays isn’t impossible. Moderation is the  key to success. Regular exercise and plenty of water should also be part of the plan. Depriving yourself will only produce negative results. Eat well, enjoy Family and Friends.



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  1. Really great tips!! I’ve been struggling so much this year, and the holidays approaching makes it that much harder. I’ve definitely been guilty of restricting too much and binging later… I love your “by half” rule! Thanks for these tips!

  2. Heidi, I felt like you were talking directly to me! You are so right about portion control. I once had a doctor tell me that the easiest diet in the world is to just eat half. In other words, if you want a cheeseburger, get one and only eat half of it. This way you get what you want without feeling deprived of anything.

    1. That is so true Roy! The portions in this country are so large. Exactly deprivation is what causes us to make bad food decisions

  3. Practical, sensible tips. I had a nutritionist once tell me that the best way to control dessert consumption is to limit yourself to three bites of someone else’s dessert. My husband isn’t thrilled since his is the plate I usually help myself to!

  4. My husband and I love the walks after a huge belly-splitting meal. On Jan 1 2016 we walked 9 miles – got a bit carried away. Everything was downhill after that 🙂

  5. Portion control is the main focus for me this year. I am so bad about loading up my plate from edge to edge with goodies. These are great tips to keep me in line this year. I especially like the “by half” concept. Now if can only half one piece and not 5….

  6. This is exactly my philosophy when it comes to food and fitness! I really don’t think you should deprive yourself and I try to eat the tastiest food I can, just less of it! Walking is just great too I get to walk quite a bit during the day with my youngest but I think I could do with adding in some more sessions!

    Great post, I have never tried Pumpkin Pie but I would love to!


  7. These are some excellent tips to keep in mind! I know when I was dieting I used to eat just half of everything when eating out. This saved money as well as calories! That’s two meals for the price of one. 😉

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