Stress Relief For Kids (easy solutions that work)

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How To Help Children With Stress Relief


Stress Relief is something we all need. Stress is directly connected to Wellness and it can lead to many Health Conditions. In adults, it is very much a daily occurrence but we rarely think about the stress that children endure as well.

After all, they are kids, what do they have to be stressed about? There are more things than you may think.

  • School
  • Friends
  • Family

The truth is stress in children can lead to way more than health related issues. It can totally change a child’s personality and affect their personal growth. Children are still developing and don’t have the coping skills we have as adults so managing stress or even seeing the signs can be next to impossible for them.

There are signs that tell us our child is suffering:

  • Acting out
  • Poor grades
  • Over- eating
  • Secluding themselves
  • Poor sleeping habits

It is up to us as parents to spot this and get them the help they need. There are simple things that you can do.


Easy Stress Relief Solutions For Children


An essential thing you can do for your child is to keep them out of adult situations and conversations. Your children have enough going on that they can’t process your worries and conflicts as well. It is so important to notice where they are when you are having adult conversations.

We like to believe that we are always there for our kids and they can come to us at any time. Realistically we know they don’t always do that, especially if they think you won’t understand or will judge them in some way. Here are a few exercises that really aid in stress relief and are easy to do at home.


The Forgiveness Circle


When a child perceives they will get in trouble they tend to keep it inside. The Forgiveness Circle is a family exercise where the whole family gets together maybe once a week. You join hands because it creates a connection and everybody makes a confession.

Everyone has to do it and it is kind of a get out of jail free card. Without the fear of repercussion your child will feel free to fess up to things they might think would get them in trouble. With everyone confessing something it lets them see that everyone makes mistakes.

After each confession, each family member will vocally forgive. It is very cleansing.




Create A Judgment Free Zone



The Worry Bucket

The whole family writes down a worry they have on a piece of paper and fold it up. Each person picks one and reads it and every family member has to offer a solution. It is a great problem solver that lightens the burden and lets everyone be an active participant in addition to having a voice.


A Picture A Day

Art is great therapy and often used with children who have suffered a trauma. It is often easier to display what your feeling. In this exercise you are seeing the events of the day and exploring feelings you might not realize are there. When they show you the picture you ask them what the emotion is and what they can do to change it.



These are specific exercises meant to broaden communication. Activity is also very helpful for stress relief. Whether it’s sports or even a pillow fight. Children need physical activity for their health and burning off steam. Letting aggression build up isn’t healthy and can lead to violent acting out.


Having someone outside the family whether it’s a family friend or a counselor can be very helpful if you can’t get them to open up to you. Even someone their own age to talk to.




Meditation is absolute magic for stress relief. It has become very popular in the last few years. You can take a class with your child. They are even teaching mindfulness to children in school. Doing breathing exercises before bedtime seriously helps us all to sleep better.


Stress relief is just as important to our children as it is to us. Look for the signs and enjoy these fun, easy exercises to open the lines of communications and teach how to cope.

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  1. These were amazing tips and most of them I’d never heard of. My son has a lot of anxiety and I really feel like these will help, especially the forgiveness circle…how great is that???? Love, love, love this post.

  2. Heidi, I think it’s really important to talk about this. You hit the nail on the head that kids carry far more stress sometimes than we think. And really, it’s our job as the adults in their lives to watch for those symptoms you mention. The best way to do that is to be really present and intentional with them. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. These are some great solutions and some I have never heard of. I especially like the “A Picture A Day” solution. I find that one to be a great one to really open their minds and express themselves in a different way that doesn’t require them to speak directly if shy or nervous.

  4. I can see how kids can get stressed in today’s world. Living in a very good school didtrict has its own added pressure to perform better immaterial of the grade they are in!! This helps to stay connected with our childrens’ needs, thanks!

  5. Heidi these tips are so incredible. I have 5 children and sometimes when you are in the down and dirty of it all you forget to stop and that your children are PEOPLE too, not just “children”. Thanks for these tips, I am def going to utilize them!

  6. These are brilliant tips that I don’t think I’d have thought of myself- I love the idea of the worry bucket, especially. #bigpinklink

  7. Another informative and useful post! I love the idea of the forgiveness circle and worry bucket. We tend to forget that what may seem trivial to us may be so worrisome to kids. Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink

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