Stressed out? Here Is How To Fix It


Feeling Stressed?


You are not alone. We are very stressed out as a culture. I believe a huge part of the problem is our inability to slow down. We try to fit way too much in a day. There are all kinds of stress in the course of our daily lives.

Work, Children, Relationships, Money. Think about how many of these things affect our lives every single day.

I have Generalized Anxiety and I probably did my whole life.

As I got older it became harder and harder to deal with. I am also a worrier, as many women are. A what-iffer. I would always think about what could happen.

I can’t tell you what a profound effect that has had on my life. It stopped me in the past from enjoying life. There came a point when I knew I needed a way to control stress that didn’t involve medication.

Someone suggested I read “A New Earth”. Well, that book and the Mindfulness philosophy literally changed my life.

What is Mindfulness?

The practice of maintaining a state of heightened awareness of ones thoughts, emotions or experiences on a moment to moment basis
Live In The Now

How It Works

Ego is the structure in your brain that gives you Identity. It is a negative based energy that feeds on negative/ fear based thoughts. Which therefore is responsible for the negative realities in your life.
If I had this or them I would be happy right? No! What it does is feed what causes Anxiety, Worry, Anger and Unhappiness.

We are addicted to the inner conditioning of ego based thinking, Shallow Outlook, and False Realities.

I can tell you it is a constant struggle I find myself in and so do most people. What we think we have to have isn’t really going to make us happy. It just stresses us out. Judging others just taints our soul. Constantly consumed with tomorrow and what’s next poisons us. There is a way to achieve a lighter ego but it’s not easy.

Practicing Mindfulness

I’ll be honest in saying, I didn’t believe it right away. I had to read the book three times before the truth of it began to sink in. That is because we literally let our egos brainwash us.
Being Mindful means being in the moment. Being present in the right now isn’t as easy as it sounds, it takes practice. For instance, whatever you are doing at the present moment is what you focus on. Say you are doing dishes, you only think about doing dishes.
It sounds a little crazy maybe but it really works.

Children And Mindfulness

I know you’re thinking, What do children have to be stressed about? The answer is everything.
 Children don’t have the ability to know what’s important and not. Add the emotion level and there’s your answer.
I believe children get stressed and need to quiet their minds as much as we do.
 I am not alone in this belief as they now teach Mindfulness and Meditation in schools. Check out this article for fun ways to teach your children Mindfulness click here
Stress is a leading cause of disease and that is reason enough to look for alternative means to control it. Mindfulness and Meditation help your mind to be still and enable a greater enlightenment to your life.


  1. I have struggled with anxiety as well, and have also made focusing on the present a conscious practice. I read once that studies have confirmed that we feel happy when we are anticipating the “thing that we need that will make us happy”– but when we actually get it we’re no happier than before.

    1. Well you aren’t telling me anything, I am a high strung introvert but Eckhart Tolles books helped alot staying present in the moment takes practice,

  2. I try to practice mindfulness also to keep myself from getting too stressed or to get rid of fear-based thoughts about things. It really helps! I’ve also gotten back to meditating lately which is such a relief!

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