Struggling To Lose Weight? Don’t Give Up Hope

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The struggle is real!


How To Keep Going When You Want To Lose Weight

For some people, losing weight and keeping it off can feel like a lifelong battle with their own cravings, motivation, and desire to be fit. While some people find that exercising and eating healthily come as second nature, some of us find it more of a battle. If you struggle with keeping weight off, it’s important to remember that you’re not on your own. Some people find it far easier than others, but that shouldn’t take away the legitimacy of your own struggle, after all, we’re all different. If you’re struggling with your own body image, or you’re finding it tricky to lose weight, keep on reading.


Start small

Making huge, life-changing overhauls to your diet or routine make it much more difficult to stick to changes. Start small, and build up to where you’d like to be. Start with just one or two, seemingly minor but positive changes, and once you’ve got the knack of them, slowly introduce more. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and we can’t get fit in a day either, it takes time, patience, and practice. Crash dieting has no longevity, but creating healthy habits allows it to become more long term.

Track everything

Keep track of your weight and your calorie intake using an app such as MyFitnessPal, your exercise and calories burnt, and watch for patterns. You might find that your weight follows a monthly cycle with your natural cycle, and once you discover this, you’re far less likely to beat yourself up for fluctuations.

The patterns may also indicate what particularly exercises, foods, and times of year are best for you, which allows you to change your focus accordingly. When you keep track of all your changes, you become far more aware of what you’re putting in your body, which equates to making better decisions across the board.

Don’t give up

Some days you’ll slip up. This will be lessened by starting slow, rather than crash dieting, but it’ll still happen. The best thing to do is to write a bad day off as a loss, or a cheat day if you like, and carry on like it never happened. A positive mindset is key, so ruminating on off-days is never going to help you to move forwards.


Seek professional help

Sometimes people can diet and exercise all they like, and nothing changes. In these situations, it’s important that professional help is sought. It could be that problems with the thyroid or other medical issues are making weight loss impossible, so it’s important to get checked. The doctor may recommend further intervention, such as a stomach staple or sleeve gastrectomy, which significantly aid the weight loss process.


Celebrate small victories

Set yourself goals and award yourself prizes – just like in any other area of your life, when you’re successful you deserve recognition. Make your prizes things which fit into your new lifestyle, such as: new running shoes, gym clothes in the next size down, or a new water bottle, and you’ll always be driven to your next goal.


Just remember, never give up on your goals, and don’t allow bad days to drag you down. It’s not easy to lose weight but with hard work and healthy choice you can do it!

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