Arthritis Truths Revealed: Useful Tips To A Pain-Free Life



The Facts About Arthritis


You might be surprised to know that over 52 million American adults are suffering from arthritis. It’s a painful condition that causes joint pain and stiffness. Although it’s more common with people older than 40, it can actually affect people of all ages. The joint pain and restricted movement can cause issues in people’s everyday life. For those people suffering with it, it can feel like there is no solution. Here are some tips to help relieve some of the pain when you are suffering from arthritis.


Lose Weight



A lot of people who are suffering from arthritis are told by their doctor to lose weight. It’s because if you are overweight or obese, it can have a significant impact on the amount of pain you suffer with. You will get more pain in your joints, and it can affect your mobility.




Therefore, you should make some effort to try and lose some weight by changing your diet and increasing your daily exercise. By reducing your weight, you will notice a difference in your pain, and it will improve your mobility so that you can do more in your day to day life.


Get Exercising



As we said above, exercising is important to help you reduce some of the pain when you are dealing with arthritis. A lot of people avoid exercise as they think it will make it worse. But some low-impact aerobics and stretching can help your joints and muscles. Just be careful with exercise when you have any inflammation; limit your movement for a couple of days. Exercise can also lift your mood if you are feeling low about the condition. You can find some simple exercises to help arthritis in this article.



Look Into Acupuncture


A lot of people have heard of acupuncture but would not consider it when they require some pain relief for their arthritis. After all, the needle treatment is not for the faint-hearted. But the Chinese medical treatment is said to be a good way to reduce your pain if you do suffer from arthritis. They can insert the needles into the specific pain points in your body to help relieve your agony. Therefore, it’s worth researching to see if it’s right for your body.


Look Into Cell Therapy


There are many options out there to help when you have pain from your arthritis. But you might not have heard of cell therapy. Companies like PreciseCare complete the treatment by using your own stem cells so your body heals itself naturally. The cells can then grow new tissues and cartilage so that your body can repair itself. The non-invasive treatment can give you some much-needed relief from pain.


Add Some Supplements To Diet



You can also take some supplements which can help you to prevent some of the pain you are currently feeling. Magnesium is one that you should look into taking as we don’t often get enough of this in our diet. As discussed in this article, it can help to relax your muscles and nerve endings so that you relieve some of that pain. Omega-3 is also a must to prevent some of the pain.




And remember, always talk to the doctor if you are suffering. They may be able to put you on a course of tablets so that you can reduce your pain!


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