Summer Colds Suck! Here Are Some Tips That Make You Feel Better!

summer cold

How To Get Through A Summer Cold



Summer colds are the worst. The sneezing, the constant nose wiping, the coughing; it’s not pretty and it’s not comfortable. It’s horrible, but it’s all part of the body’s natural process of healing. A fever will defend your body against a virus and coughing is the way your body naturally cleans out the mucus. It’s not nice, but it’s the way your body will respond to outside attacks. There are a range of cold treatments out there but it’s all going to depend on how you caught your cold, how long it lasts and how it’s affecting you.


How much do you know about the temperature outside? Probably not much, unless you’re choosing the outfit of the day. We may be coming into the warmer months of the year, with summer so close to being upon us, but that doesn’t mean that Mother Nature is paying attention.

summer colds


You could be expecting beautiful spring weather and end up with freezing rain and the wind that takes you sideways. Maybe you’ve put away your thick winter coats and gloves and yet the jacket you’re wearing doesn’t stop a biting wind whipping around your ankles. It could be bright sunshine with blue skies and be bitterly cold, so you need to be aware of how this is going to affect your health.

Home Remedies

There are a lot of home remedies you can look into when it comes to your cold, and treatments can range from nasal lavage (salt water nostril rinsing), which is a great way to clear out nasal congestion, to gargling salt water. Colds can trigger other pain that can be prolonged, like in the sinus, and balloon sinuplasty is an effective treatment option for when that pain does not go. You have to know how to blow your nose properly and it’s not just a case of grabbing a tissue and blowing. You need to blow one nostril at a time and use tissues with balm in them to save your skin from rubbing raw.

Hot Drinks

Warm drinks and steam showers are some of the most popular remedies for a cold. Hot water with lemon can help you to relieve stuffiness and relieve pain in the nose and throat. It’s also a very effective way to cleanse your system. Steamy showers not only clear out your pores and help you to sweat out the virus, but you can also moisturize the nasal passages, which will help with sinus pain


summer colds


If you’re suffering from a cold, elevating your sleeping arrangements with extra pillows can help open the breathing passages and help you to also relieve congestion. Breathing in menthol oils or chewing menthol gum can really help your congestion, too.

While it may not be possible to stave off summer colds permanently, you can change your habits to prolong the next cold you catch. Healthy eating and staying hydrated, as well as having good levels of hygiene can prevent you from catching colds and other viruses. It doesn’t have to be cold outside for you to catch a cold, but bugs are far more prevalent in the winter months.


It doesn’t matter how healthy you are, you aren’t going to be invincible to summer colds. It’s important that you understand how your body responds to certain bugs so you can differentiate between a cold, a virus and full-blown flu. Having the flu is very different to succumbing to a cold and if you know the differences, you can get the right treatment.

Summer colds suck! Here are some health tips to make you feel better


Unfortunately, there isn’t a prescription in the world that will get rid of summer colds, so you need to follow tips like these to keep your body free from bugs. The weather can really make a difference to your health, as mentioned earlier, as viruses are easily spread when the temperature drops. Plenty of sites will tell you that being cold or wet cannot give you a cold, but it’s important to remember that your immune system struggles to keep up with constant temperature changes, which lowers it and invites bugs to stay.


Your food should be rich in Vitamin C, D, and E – these are anti-oxidants and can help maintain a healthy immune system. That with a constant flow of water should really help to keep your body healthy from bugs. Exercising well and improving your circulation can also help your body stay free from viruses.

Stay clean, stay healthy and stay snot-free! How do you deal with summer colds?

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