5 Things You Have To Do Before Taking Any Supplements



Supplements And 5 Important Questions To Ask Yourself

So there’s a new supplement that you think might be able to help you in some way. Maybe you’re looking to resolve an existing health condition, or you just want to help give yourself a boost in a necessary area. Either way, you’re going to go ahead and buy – except, why not walk it back a few steps?



Before you make the leap and commit yourself to the purchase, there are a few steps that you should walk through. Only when you have cleared these hurdles should you be truly confident in what you’re putting in the medicine cabinet and what it might do to your body – which, we can all agree, is pretty important when it comes to maintaining health!


So without further ado, don’t buy until you have been able to answer these questions…


Question 1: Do You Know What You Are Buying?


No time for smart answers here; obviously you know the name of the product, but do you know what it actually contains? Even basic vitamin capsules will have additional ingredients as part of the binding process, so you always need to be sure you’ve read through the ingredients and know that you can tolerate everything listed.


Question 2: Do You Know What It Does?


Sometimes, if you’re feeling run down, it can be tempting just to jump right on the back of any perceived claims of health and well-being. The bottle promises it will make you feel better, so you go right ahead and assume it’ll give you a boost as well. However, “feel better” is a vague and generic term that could mean anything, so you have to truly understand what you’re trying to achieve with the supplement.


When that’s nailed down, you move on to how these supplements, in particular, is going to be able to assist you. Don’t just reach for something that promises the earth because you’re feeling low.


Question 3: What Do Others Say About It?


By others, that means both your doctor and people who have used the same supplements before you. For any medication you take, you should be scrutinizing the reviews very carefully indeed. For example, these AlgaeCal Plant Calcium reviews paint a positive picture, so you’d go ahead and buy.


Then on the flipside, this feedback on echinacea isn’t exactly convincing, so you might decide to skip that supplement. Valuable feedback from experienced users and medical professionals can help you make informed decisions.


Question 4: Does It Clash With Any Prescription Medication I Am Taking?


Always check with a pharmacist if you are taking any prescribed medications. Just because something is “natural” or billed as a “supplement” doesn’t mean it’s completely benign, be cautiouswhen taking supplements.




Question 5: Does It Clash With Any Other Supplement I Am Taking?


Again, be careful. If a pharmacist isn’t sure, then at least run a search through drugs.com to see if there are any contraindications listed for multiple supplements. Then finally, with that done and all queries satisfied, you can go ahead and buy.


5 Things You Have To Do Before Taking A Supplement

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