Unusual Supplements You Should Taking To Be Healthier!


4-unusal-supplementsforgood-health1Taking Supplements For Good Health

Supplements can get a bad name from some people in the health industry. But, there’s nothing wrong with natural supplements. When added to your diet, they can improve your health. Here are a few things you should take to get healthier:



Our digestive systems are a cause for concern for many people. There are numerous imbalances that can cause various problems. Typically, people with problems experience stomach pain and irritable bowels. The problem is, it’s easy for people to have a messed up digestive system.

We eat so much food; it’s hard for our body to cope with the different things at times. Plus, if you switch up your diet, then your body has to get used to new foods. Taking probiotics can help balance out your digestive system. It will help to break down foods, and your body will digest foods easier. Also, they help improve your immune system too. For more info on probiotics, see various sites like webmd.com.


Hemp Oil

I’m willing to bet that very few people know what hemp oil is. It’s an oil that comes from the seeds in a hemp plant. And, it can be very good for your healthy. Taking hemp oil can give you a hormonal balance to support menopausal health. It’s also very effective at lowering your cholesterol.

To round things off, it can give your immune system a big boost. Getting your hands on hemp oil is easy in this day and age. There are places like Endoca.com that sell it for you. It’s an easy supplement to take; your overall health will benefit greatly from it.




Magnesium is a substance that our bodies need to function at full capacity. However, I bet that most of your are deficient in it. A large portion of people doesn’t get as much magnesium into their bodies as they need to. What does this mean? It means their health suffers, and they see various problems.

People with low levels of this substance are often tired, prone to headaches, and get diseases easily. If you supplement it into your diet, then you can avoid all of these health concerns. You’ll start getting a better night’s sleep, and feel less lethargic every day.


Another substance your body needs is Zinc. This can help it do so many things, and lead to a healthier you. Zinc is found to have cancer-fighting properties, as well as helping with proper cell division. To add to this, it helps with your hormones and fertility. Many people choose to supplement zinc and magnesium hand in hand. They’re two things most people are deficient in, and your body needs them to survive.



As mentioned in my post here at livegoodly.com, we have many bad habits that make us unhealthy. But, sometimes, health issues run deeper than that. We can be active, eat well, and still end up with problems. Most of the time, issues are caused by imbalances within our body. As such, we need nutritional supplements to help re-balance ourselves. The above supplements are my recommendations for a healthier life.



    1. Of course ideally getting nutrients from food is best but we can’t all the time. Turmeric as a spice isn’t a favorite but so good for Inflammation

    1. Yes, Digestive Health is so important, I imagine you use alot of turmeric in your cooking? That helps so much with digestion and inflammation

  1. I try to get these in my foods but it’s almost impossible to get a good does of everything going all the time. I do take probiotics since I developed gastric issues since switching to a pesca-vegetarian diet years ago. The irony. But the probiotics help soooo much!

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