The Most Surprising Ways Meditation Can Change the Brain

The Most Surprising Ways Meditation Can Change the Brain

How Meditation Affects Your Mind

Meditation was once looked upon as something that only Buddhist monks, Hindus, and hippies did, but things have moved on a lot in recent years, as science has proven that the act of meditating can have very real benefits for us all.


There is now plenty of research on meditation that shows regular meditation can alter the brain and do everything from increase concentration levels to improve the symptoms of depression and anxiety. If you don’t believe that the simple act of meditating can change lives, take a look at these five impressive ways meditation can change the brain:

The Most Surprising Ways Meditation Can Change the Brain

Meditation Can Aid Brain Preservation


A study conducted by UCLA found that people who meditate long-term have brains that are more well-preserved than those who do not as they get older. According to the study, meditators who had been practicing for over 20 years had a larger volume of gray matter in the brain than non-meditators, which could suggest that regularly meditation can help stave off brain illnesses such as dementia.


Meditation is as good as antidepressants


A review study conducted by John Hopkins University put the relationship between meditating and mindfulness and its success at reducing symptoms of anxiety, depression, and pain under the microscope and what it found was astounding!

According to the review study, mindfulness and meditating are at least as effective as antidepressants at reducing the symptoms of depression, anxiety, and pain. So, if you are reluctant to take medication for any of these issues, you might want to give meditation a try first!


Meditation Could Increase Volume in the Brain


A team of Harvard researchers, when conducting a study on mindfulness meditation, found that after taking an eight-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course, the cortical thickness in the hippocampus had increased. This is interesting because that is the area of the brain that deals with memory and learning, which again indicated that meditating could help stave off memory loss and other memory-related issues, as well as helping us to learn more effectively.


Meditation Can Improve attention and Concentration

One study into the impact of meditating found that even practicing for just a few days could improve concentration levels in both adults and children, including those suffering from an illness like ADHD! So, if you’re struggling to concentrate on an important project, try visiting a wellness center, and you’re sure to see a difference.

The Most Surprising Ways Meditation Can Change the Brain

Meditation Can Help Recovering Addicts

An increasing number of studies are showing that meditating can individuals recovering from all kinds of addictions. This is because it focuses on the regions of the brain that are responsible for self-control, and by strengthening these brain centers, addicts can exert more willpower and, given enough time meditating, can give up their particular addiction for good.


Although few people would argue that meditation is a panacea for all our problems, given its ability to completely transform a person from the inside out, it has to be worth giving it a go. After all, it’s completely free, and if nothing else, it can be extremely relaxing!

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