Sustainable Living: Shop Local At Farmer’s Markets

Buy Local

Sustainable Living

There are studies that say people who lived before us lived much longer lives. It’s not Rocket Science to figure out that’s because they lived off the land. So their food was much fresher. They didn’t wait to get their Strawberries from California.

Granted they also died of infection and diseases because Medical Science wasn’t what it is today. That’s another story. Of course, they had no choice, it was grown or hunt your food or starve.

Farmer’s Markets


I am from South Jersey, so Farmer’s Markets or Food Stands as we thought of them, are not a new concept. Every summer they were in business because there is nothing like Jersey Tomatoes and Corn. Now we know, however, all corn is GMO.
This last decade, people really have a renewed awareness about food. It would be hard to be in any Town or City even and not see a Farmer’s Market. New York City has amazing markets. Here are the reasons we love them.
More and more we want to live more sustainable lives. Eating sustainable means you aid local economies and support the preservation of Natural Resources. Sustainable Agriculture is focused on keeping our environment healthy.
Buying local means you are helping your Community keep money in which helps everyone. It is a great way to interact with neighbors you might not usually see.
The food is fresher. Most of our produce in the supermarket has been packaged and shipped, which translates to it is already days old.
Food that is fresher and in many cases, Organic, tastes better. Even more, than that you know it has been handpicked and you know where it comes from.
handmade products
There are alot of other products you can find at Farmer’s Markets like Jams, Honey, Bread and even local Artisans sell Jewelry and other handmade goodies. Coffee is always a big item I look for. There is nothing like locally roasted coffee.
I am new to Georgia but I was more than sure I could find a good market and PEACHES.


Because there isn’t much travel involved that tends to mean the prices are more reasonable than Supermarkets. Think about the gas, the labor, the packaging.
The bottom line is it is Healthier, Earth Friendly, and more economically sound. Here is a list of Markets to check out.
Be Healthy!

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