Do This, Not That: Switches You Can Make For Better Health

Important Changes For Better Health

Want to live a healthier lifestyle but without feeling restricted? That’s the dream right?! You’ll be pleased to know that actually, it is possible. You don’t have to survive on rabbit food, go running in the rain at 6 am every morning and give up all of the things you enjoy to live well. Instead, consider making a few simple switches for better health. Here are a few you could try.


Vape Instead of Smoke

When it comes to smoking, it’s the nicotine that causes the addiction. However, it’s not the nicotine that’s especially harmful. Instead, it’s the tar, poisonous chemicals and other toxins created by burning tobacco which causes cancers and issues with the respiratory system. Vaping allows you to avoid all of these chemicals and so is much better for your body than traditional cigarettes. Plus as there’s no smoke released from a cigarette burning away, the risk of causing harm to others through passive smoking is virtually nil. You can find out more information and buy vaping products from lots of places online; Vaporesence is just one of them. You can find Vaporesence details here.


Eat Wholemeal Instead of White

Whether it’s rice, pasta, bread or any other grain- the whole grain version is always better for you. The white versions have all of the good, nutritious bran stripped away and can cause blood sugar spikes which can lead to cravings and eating too much. It’s a simple switch to make, and after a while, you’ll fully adjust to the taste. Whole grains are full of fiber and nutrients, are good for better health and keep you fuller for longer. Try incorporating whole grain cereals into your breakfast rotation, and cook with wholemeal versions of ingredients wherever possible.



Drink Water Instead of Fizzy Drinks

‘But I drink diet fizzy drinks!’ I hear you cry. Well despite the fact that these drinks are low in calories, they contain harmful ingredients such as aspartame which has been linked to scary health issues from Alzheimer’s to birth defects. Plus some research has shown that diet drinks can actually lead to overeating and can, therefore, cause weight gain. The occasional glass isn’t going to do you much harm, but if you’re guzzling the stuff on a regular basis, it’s worth putting a stop to it. Try infusing your water with slices of lemon, lime and mint and adding lots of ice to it. If you’re really struggling giving up the fizzy drinks, try making the transition to drinking squash first. But go with a brand that doesn’t use aspartame.



Choose Full-Fat Instead of ‘Diet.’

This might seem like a bit of a surprise, but actually often having the ‘full fat’ versions of things can be better than having their slimmed down counterparts. This is because when the fats are removed from foods, the taste has to be made up elsewhere- usually in the form of chemicals. These chemicals can be more harmful as the fats they’ve replaced. The key is to do things in moderation. Fit these richer versions into your daily food allowance without exceeding your fat and calories; this will mean having less of them or making cutbacks elsewhere. If you’re forever buying reduced fat and diet foods in a bid to lose weight, it’s time to make a change. Fill up on healthy, natural foods and then have a small amount of the things that you like.

Start the year off right with a few lifestyle changes for better health!

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