Technology Is Paving The Way To The Future Of Health And Fitness


Technology And Our Health (what the future holds)

What is the future of health and medicine? Well, if you’ve been keeping up with the latest news reports the answer to that question could be technology. It’s true, tech is changing how we think about our own personal health as well as medicine. Could it lead to a fitter more vibrant society where health issues are no longer a major concern? Will it mean life expectancy rates rise and will more conditions be less life threatening? Well, if you look at the new tech on the market you can see it’s changing the game in small and large ways.


Fitness Watches



If you want to watch your health you really need a fitness watch. The latest fitness watches monitor your heartbeat, your breathing rate, how many miles you’ve walked and much more. They can tell you whether you’re doing enough exercise through the day to stay in good shape.

Or, if you need to step up your game and be more active. Some fitness watches will even tell you whether you’re completing certain exercises the right way or whether you’re cheating yourself out of a great bod. As such, they have become an integral part of almost every fitness buff’s routine.





If you haven’t heard of nanotechnology, it used to only exist in the minds of science fiction writers. But things have changed now, and recently medical tech whizzes have been hard at work at make this tech a reality. Nanotech is the use of microscopic robotics, and they are a lot closer to fruition than most people realize.

With this nanotech, you could theoretically heal and fix internal issues in the body without surgery. The tech could be injected into the patient and controlled remotely. No scarring, no risk of complications and serious health issues could be fixed in seconds. That’s the dream, and it’s being developed right now. Scientists believe it could be ready in just a few years.


Patient-Doctor Interactions


What happens when you head into a hospital or go to the doctors? You’ll speak to a medical pro who will recommend a diagnosis and treatment. Or will you? Many hospitals and clinics have been working to streamline treatment and ensure that operations are efficient, improving the patient experience. Instead of interacting with a doctor, patients use tablets to take a survey with info being sent directly to the pros. They can then change their treatment plan instantly, if necessary.



Real Robotics


Back on robots, there is now the possibility that people who have lost their legs can walk again. Even those who have had their spine crippled could essentially live a normal life. Amazing, we’re sure you’ll agree. You might have seen exoskeletons in sci-fi movies as early as 2014. What you may not be aware of is that the tech exists and is in the experimental testing stages right now. If an exoskeleton works it could mean the last person to sit in a wheelchair has already been born.


We think you’ll agree that this technology is truly incredible and could completely change how we think about health in the future.


  1. Amazing how technology it’s making our lives better in some aspects. I used to have a fitness bracelet a fitbit it was easier to track my meals my sleep my exercise i really loved it cuz only needed one app to do it all

    1. It truly is amazing what they are doing, especially with robotics. I love the fit apps especially for the phone. Thanks for reading

  2. It is fascinating where technology is going and how helpful it will become in the field of medicine. I am also a little weary, I guess too many Terminator and Matrix movies.

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