How Technology And Too Much Screen Time Affects Your Health

How Screen Time Affects Your Health

How Much Screen Time Is Too Much?


When we were children, the idea of screen time is those couple of hours in the morning when the cartoons were on at breakfast time. Technology wasn’t as prevalent in houses and we had the warnings about too much TV giving us square eyes. Despite the warnings, it’s the adults who said that who have now developed tablets, smartphones, flat screen televisions and laptops that we all use every single day.


How Screen Time Affects Your Health


The majority of the research in relation to screen time and how it affects our health is geared toward children. As adults, we spend much of our day staring at a screen of some sort. At work, we use computers and laptops to get the work done – there’s rarely a job that doesn’t involve computers of some sort. But while there is a lot out there on how too much time in front of a screen affects the kids, what about us? If you’re going from working with a computer for eight hours, only to curl up at home and scroll through Facebook for another eight hours, surely that’s bound to be unhealthy?

Unfortunately, this is now considered the norm. We’ve put together a list of five ways continued staring at screens affects our bodies. This way, you can make an informed decision about how much time you spend in front of a screen.


Your Brain:


When you are using technology all day, you’re susceptible to screen addiction – which is a thing! You can reconfigure your whole brain just by staring at the light of a screen all day and shrink the grey matter of your brain, leading to poor cognitive thinking. It’s just not good news.


Your Body:


With excessive screen time, you are more susceptible to metabolic syndromes like diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity. You’ll need a good Medicare plan, as all this screen time leads to a sedentary lifestyle and your health will decline. You need to find a balance between the time you spend in front of a computer and the time you spend outdoors and breathing some fresh air.

Your Eyes:


Okay, so maybe they’re not quite square, but your eyes can be greatly affected by a computer or tablet screen. Straining your eyes all day is painful and the blue light from the screens can damage the retina. Keeping the screens dimmed and taking regular breaks can stop your eyes from becoming damaged.

How Screen Time Affects Your Health


Your Emotions:


A screen addiction comes with a reliability of social media for your feelings. Without interaction with actual humans, you can severely inhibit your ability to process your emotions. This is truer in teenagers than it is in adults, but it’s definitely something that could affect us. Make a point of meeting friends face to face and enjoying an actual coffee instead of just a Facebook conversation.

How Screen Time Affects Your Health

Your Mortality:


Did you know that constant staring at technology can lower your cardiovascular health? With the developments in technology, you spend more time sitting on your behind than you do out in the world. A sedentary lifestyle can lower your mortality rate and you could die earlier. Does that new iPhone seem like a good idea now?

Good health is about balance and too much of anything can be a bad thing. Think about your screen time when being more conscious of your health!

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