Pills Killing Your Pain? Time To Kick The Painkillers Habit

painkillerIs It Time To Stop Taking Painkillers?

We live in an age where there’s a pill for everything. Indeed, in the U.S., there’s a prevalent issue with doctors prescribing medicine, instead of getting to the bottom of problems. And, even in our homes, we fall victim to similar patterns. The majority of households fill their medicine cabinets with painkillers galore. These babies sort out any health issue, don’t they?

Of course, not. Painkillers kill the pain. They don’t cure anything, or help us understand pain. They just get rid of it for a brief period. Worse, they often contain damaging chemicals in themselves. It’s no secret that taking paracetamol too often can damage the liver. And, let’s not forget that, when we kill pain, we forget to take it easy. As such, taking painkillers for issues like bad backs could lead to more damage in the long run. If you aren’t taking it steady, it would be all too easy to pull your muscles even more.

Now, there’s no denying that painkillers have their place. They certainly make our lives easier, and help us cope with short-term issues such as headaches. But, when you consider the facts, you may want to limit your consumption.


The good news is, there are plenty of natural treatments out there which promise to ease pain without doing damage in other areas. While home-remedies were once the stuff of hippies and hopefuls, they’re now widely used. Even better, the majority work better than you’d think. To prove the point, let’s look at the two main painkiller culprits, and consider their alternatives.


Headaches had to be top of this list. Who doesn’t pop a pill or two every time they feel that familiar throb? Life doesn’t stop for small niggles like these. As such, it’s understandable that we reach straight for those pills which stand to ease the pain in as little as ten minutes. But, if you get headaches often, there are a few reasons why this isn’t the best idea.

For one, by covering the pain each time, you’re ignoring what could be a serious issue. While it’s probably not serious, continual headaches are a sign that something isn’t right. This could be as simple as an issue with your eyesight. Or, it could be more dangerous. You won’t know if you keep ignoring this. And, of course, there’s the issue of the number of painkillers you’ll need to take to cover the problem. These pills aren’t designed for regular use. In fact, a 2015 study revealed that frequent use leads to increased risk of heart attack and impaired kidney function among others.

So, what can you do instead? Your first port of call should be remedies like those mentioned within this post at www.livingthenourishedlife.com. With 21 remedies on offer, you’re sure to stumble across one which works for you. If you can spare the time, it’s also worth attempting some shut eye. Sleeping for even ten minutes can help to ease the pain. It’s worth taking this time to ensure you can attack the rest of your day without hindrance.



Aches and pains

Aches and pains had to be second on the list. A shocking amount of us is on a steady diet of painkillers to get past these. If you have a bad back, you likely take your daily limit of pills just to ensure you can move around. If you have muscle soreness or strain, you probably do the same.

But, much the same as the long-term use of painkillers for headaches, this can do real damage. And, as mentioned above, it could cause you to worsen the problem in the long-run. After all, if your back, or muscles hurt, there’s usually a good reason for it. Instead of carrying on, you should visit the doctor and take the time you need to heal. If you don’t listen to your body, you stand to turn a small issue into a life-long hindrance.


So, before you open that medicine cabinet, book a visit to your doctor. This way, you can take pills in the meantime, while still pursuing a treatment with lasting impact. And, of course, you can also turn to natural remedies while you wait.

While these won’t always heal such issues, they can help to ease the pain in much the same way as those pills do. Gentle exercises, like the yoga options found at www.doyouyoga.com, can help to strengthen and ease problem areas. Even better, cures like these tend to work with immediate effect and alleviate your need to turn to painkillers.


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