Time To Face Up To Your Overall Health

Head To Toe Care For Your Overall Health

We spend a lot of timing thinking about our overall health.  For some of us, that time is just a few moments a day admitting we need to make a change, then putting it on the back burners.  Others dedicate their lives to eating better and finding new ways to keep their bodies moving.  However , while we are thinking of the important matters, such as our hearts and joints are we overlooking an area that is staring us in the face when we look in the mirror?

overall health

Face health

 You don’t see that phrase talked about very often, however, our faces have lots of organs that need special care.  Take for example your eyes.  Eye health matters and too many of us take it for granted.  We often overlook the fact we are holding a menu closer or further away from our eyes to read.  Or ignore the tired feeling we appear to get after a morning in the office.

 The problem with ignoring little signs that our eyesight may not be up to scratch is that it can lead to some fairly horrendous issues and even, loss of vision.  Imagine a world where you suddenly have no sight at all.  Then ask yourself if it’s worth missing regular check ups with the optician?

overall health


Your teeth are another area that a lot of people neglect.  Perhaps they miss brushing or don’t floss.  You noticed a little blood in your spit after cleaning your teeth, it’s happened a few times but you keep telling yourself it’s just because you brushed a little harder that morning.  Bleeding gums can be a sign of gum disease which, if left untreated will cause tooth loss.

 You may be the fittest person in your office, but if you don’t have a good set of gnashers then you aren’t going to have as much body confidence as you would like.  Finding a good dentist is as important as having a good doctor and you also need regular visits to the hygienist to keep your pearly whites, pearly and white.

overall health


Something we often ignore too is our ear health.  Again, one of the 5 major senses, hearing is something we rely on heavily yet take for granted.  There are loads of ways we can damage our ears yet we still do them.  Sticking things in your ear canal is the worst.  For years we have been buying cotton ear buds or Q Tips then shoving them down our ears with abandon thinking we are just cleaning them out and helping them to stay healthy.

 Unfortunately, we can actually be making them worse.  Putting things in your ears is a great way of pushing the problem further down which could give you impacted ear wax or worse, could damage your eardrum.  Instead, use olive or coconut oil to give your ears a quick clean.  Oil will help keep them moisturized to which can relieve itching.  


Take care of your face and focus on keeping it as healthy as the rest of your overall health.  SPF should be the base of all your makeup products.  Keep young and beautiful.  


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