The Ultimate DIY Health Check Up


DIY health

DIY Health Tips

Every year it feels like we are getting busier and busier which is why you need DIY Health Tips you can utilize yourself. You have just got that promotion at work that you’ve been chasing for the past six months, you spend longer looking at computer screens, and your physical activity levels have plummeted.


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Sleep patterns can go awry, and stress levels can fluctuate. It’s time to take a step back and reassess. Surely there is more to life when the most the blissful experience you remember is not having to set your alarm and having a lie in. It’s important that you don’t get caught up in the throes of modern life only to neglect your health. You may think that you’re too busy to see a medical professional have a check up so take a look at these  DIY ways of monitoring your health at home.




Take A Look At Your Hands


If you are feeling sluggish and tired, it may be a good idea to take a look at your palms. The creases that we all have in the center of our palms can signify whether or not we have an iron deficiency. Iron is the mineral that carries oxygen from our lungs and transports it throughout our bodies, and without it, we can become anemic.


If the creases in your palm look pale, do a backup check and take a look at your gums. If both areas of your body have an unusual paleness to them, it’s time to head to the doctor for a blood test and get any potential iron deficiency under control.


Blood Pressure


If your blood pressure is too high, you could be at an increased risk of a stroke or heart disease. Do you remember not so long ago when a nurse would wrap your arm in a semi inflated strap and manually pump it up until you could barely feel your hand because it was so tight?


Now they have all sorts of wonderful machines that can take blood pressure quickly in surgeries and hospitals. However, you can check your blood pressure at home with a manual or digital monitor. Once you have your reading, you can enter it into a blood pressure calculator that can analyze the data, tell you whether or not you have an increased risk of heart disease and detail the next steps you need to take. This may be a visit to your doctor for further tests.  


DIY health


Get The Tape Measure Out


Stand in front of a mirror and measure your waist. Don’t cheat and breathe in. It’s important you get an accurate measurement. For females, anything above 34 inches and for men, anything above 40 inches is deemed to place you at an increased risk of heart disease.


The Ultimate DIY Health Check Up


It’s vital that you attempt to shift some weight. You can do this by beginning a gentle exercise plan. Walk more, head to the gym or start swimming. Think about the food you eat and cut out unnecessary sweet stuff such as cakes, biscuits, and pastries. Shrinking your midriff will shrink your chances of developing health problems in the future.


There are times when a visit to the doctor is necessary. If you are feeling poorly, you should head straight to a medical professional. However, if you just want a DIY health check up, there are plenty of ways that you can assess and take control your health at home. If any one of these tests flags up an issue, you can then take the appropriate action.

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