Wake Up 30 Minutes Early Tomorrow, And Give This Morning Routine A Try


Are you up for a little challenge? Great, because we’ve got one for you today! Be warned, it involves getting up earlier than usual! However, it is totally worth, and you will see when you experience the payoff yourself. First off, set your morning alarm to 30 minutes earlier. Get some rest, and then follow the routine described below. Good luck!



Wake up gently to natural light In The Morning

How you adhere to this point will vary based on things like your current window covers and your season. If you can make it so that the natural light is what wakes you up each morning, fantastic. It is proven by many specialists that waking up this way is much easier, more relaxing and rewarding for the body.

However, if natural light is in short supply? This may be because your curtains are too heavy for example? Or it might be the depths of winter! Invest in a ‘Body clock’ or ‘Wake Up Light’! This will start to fill the room slowly with artificial natural light for a period of time before it sounds an alarm. The effect is said by many to be totally life changing!



Open your windows

A quick task here. Throw open your window! Get the musty air of the night out and let some fresh, healthy air in instead.



Make a smoothie packed with nutrients

Head on over to your kitchen- it’s time for a smoothie! Make yours with water or almond milk rather than fruit juice, which is often full of sugars. There will be enough natural sugars in your fruit as it is. Adding in some spinach gives great health benefits even though you can hardly taste it. Invest in a good juicer or smoothie maker from the likes of Juicercruiser http://www.juicercruiser.com/. This means it will be more efficient and more effective!



While your smoothie maker is whirring up a delicious storm, find some space to do some easy stretches. Try this one; tilt your head down and bend forwards, slowly and gently. Drop your arms in front of you and follow them right the way down to your toes. Take eight seconds to do this drop, and then hold for eight seconds. Lift back up gently, over eight seconds. Repeat this several times to get your body to wake up and your blood pumping! It can also help with things like back pain https://www.livegoodly.com/simple-steps-help-ease-back-pain/.


Make your to do list

Take your rested mind, stretched body and delicious smoothie and go and find a seat. Not back in bed! Sit by your open window, for example. Here, right a to-do list for your day! It is suggested that doing so focuses your mind and prepares you for productivity. Many find that they get lots more done if it is in a tangible list than just in their minds! Read more about the science behind making to do lists at Psychology Today https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-science-success/201212/the-secret-shrinking-your-do-list

From here, you are ready to go about your normal routine. Have a shower, get dressed and make some breakfast as usual. But know that those extra thirty minutes have set you up to have an incredible day. Now, go and enjoy it!



  1. Reminds me of my mom’s constant nagging to walk in the sun everyday. I’ve always complained about it even though I know it’s healthy! XD Waking up early is very important if you want a more productive day ahead! Thanks fort the tips! 😀

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