Ways To Enjoy Avocado For Good Health



I am totally obsessed with this amazing superfood. I eat one every day. We all know they are good for us, but do we know why? Avocado is rich in nutrients and also helps you to absorb other foods. Some nutrients need healthy fats to digest better.They also aid in lowering the risk for many diseases like Cancer and lowering Cholesterol.
I will be honest, for years I wasn’t for it and wouldn’t even try it. It didn’t look at all yummy to me. It has a somewhat nutty flavor. The flavor is light enough to pair with lots of other foods. The list of Nutrients in this fruit is too amazing to ignore.
  • Fiber
  • Folate
  • Potassium
  • VitaminE
  • Vitamin B5 and 6
  • Vitamin K

So why do you need it? Well  if that list of Vitamins don’t impress you, it also helps in Weight Loss because it keeps you full and is top fat-burning food. It can get confusing but though Avocadoes have a lot of fat, they are healthy fats that your body needs.



So there are two different types of Avocados that I know of. There is Haas and Florida Avocados.

Maybe you have seen them. Florida tends to be big and green. They are lower in fat and firm in texture. A good pick for recipes that call for chopped, such as salads. The flavor tends to be watery.

For that reason, it isn’t really the preferred type. Haas has more flavor and the fats although more, are healthy and needed. For me, they just taste better and I have tried both. I much prefer the Haas

Best Ways To Enjoy Avocado

I love it any given way. But there are lots of ways to enjoy this delicious superfood! On a Sandwich, In a salad, Smoothies and of course Guacamole! Here are a few recipes to try:

So eat the Cado! However you eat it, it should be a regular staple in your diet!

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