You’re Only As Old As You Feel And Enjoying Life When You Get Older

you're only as old as you feel
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How To Get The Most Out Of Life As You Get Older

Yoko Ono has a saying about your age that is so important, it should be blasted through speakers throughout each and every community. ‘Some people are old at 18, and some are young at 90’. It’s true – our actual age has very little to do with how vibrant we feel, how intense our lust for life is, and so on.

Unfortunately, some people don’t get this message. At some stage in their life, they get to thinking that they “really ought to grow up” and act their age. But what is age, other than a man-made construct? Your age only indicates one thing: how many times you’ve traveled around the sun. It doesn’t indicate how you should act or where you should be in life. Here’s how you stay young at heart.


Keeping Curiosity Alive

People tend to get bored of learning in school, rekindle it for a brief few years in their twenties, and then promptly lose it again, instead opting to sink into whatever life they have at that stage of their life. But the truth is: life, everywhere and in all forms, is always interesting. You can take just about anything that exists on the planet – or up in the stars – and find something interesting about it. Ask questions, like why things are happening and where that mysterious stairwell leaves and life will always hold a charm for you.

enjoying life as you get older

Combating those Devilish Signs of Aging

Sometimes it isn’t our minds that make us feel older, it’s our bodies. Some signs of aging can be fixed, others can’t. While you can get spider vein treatment or hair treatment to mask that thinning hair, it’s hard to reclaim the natural buoyancy of youth. But you don’t have to have a body that’s operating at full capacity to live life to the full; not in this day and age, when accessibility has never been greater. OK, you won’t climb Everest (though Yuichiro Miura did so at the age of 80!), but most places are still open to you.


What You Missed Out On, What You’re Yet To Do

Most people who live with regrets tend to look back at all the things they missed out on…not realizing that they’re still putting off living! There’s nothing to stop you from getting out there and achieving something that you always wanted to do. You’re very rarely too old to do anything in this life. If you missed out on the clubbing scene because…clubs hadn’t yet been invented, then get down there this weekend and experience it!


The Big Picture

Ultimately, it takes a certain mindset to look at the world without worrying about how much older we are. We’re conditioned to glamourous and revere youth, ignoring that youth is indeed wasted on the young. In the end, you’re just a mammal with a finite amount of time on this planet, so to give up living at 30, 40, 50, or 60 is a crime. There’s nothing to stop you living life to the full, ever!

how to enjoy life more as you get older

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