Fighting The Flab: How Weight Loss Improves Every Area Of Your Life



How Excess Weight Affects Every Area Of Your Life


The impulse to lose weight is one that most of us feel every once in a while. As many as half of us, according to recent surveys, feel we could do with losing at least ten pounds. And if you think that’s a marginal amount, it’s more than two two-liter bottles of soda.

Stand holding one of those in each hand for as long as you can. Pro Tip: it gets uncomfortable fast.


Top Reasons We Want To Lose Weight


When we talk about losing the pounds, we are usually refreshingly honest about why. We want to look better in clothes, out of clothes, on the beach. We just want to look better, is the main take-home message.

And of course, we want to feel better. But what a lot of people don’t add, maybe don’t even think, is that losing pounds goes above and beyond that. There are core health reasons to make sure we do.




You’ll Sleep Better At Night


A lot of people associate weight gain with lethargy, but don’t put any more thought than that into it. The impression many have is that people are fat because they are lazy, and it’s a vicious circle. However, no small amount of the lethargy is down to the fact that if you’re carrying extra weight, you’re missing out on quality sleep.





People who lose weight are less likely to suffer from sleep apnea – a major bar on quality sleep. Sleep better, and you’ll have more energy. Which helps take weight off!


Your Memory Will Get Better


A recent study, in which a group of overweight people was monitored for six months, had interesting results. Against a control group who did not lose, the weight loss group showed significant improvement on memory testing. Theories as to why include better hormonal balance and the better sleep noted above. What is sure is that people who lose feel sharper and more aware. It’s an important benefit to consider.


Your Feet Don’t Get Sore



Although it sounds obvious, this is a benefit that a lot of people don’t consider. Think of any job that keeps you on your feet often, or any walk you’d like to take.

After an hour or so on the go, your feet start to hurt and you need to sit down. Combined with the lethargy mentioned above, it’s no wonder people fall off exercise regimes. But stick with it and lose weight and it all gets easier – and not just through habit. With the help of weight loss pills you can turn the tide in your favor.


Your Mood Improves


Weight gain and depression are the focus of one of the most unfortunate vicious circles there is. Anyone who has been through a period of depression knows how it bites at your motivation. Any plans, projects, and promises are harder to stick to


And the more ¬†you gain, the more it’s likely to imbalance the hormones that regulate mood. As the weight comes off, your mood will improve. Bear that in mind when you question whether it’s all worth it.


Of course, your reasons for losing weight are your own, and whatever it is that motivates you to do it is worth sticking to. But the many mental and physical benefits of getting weight off, and keeping it away, are a great incentive too.

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