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Along with the rise in people taking a more proactive stance on their health, Holistic or Alternative treatments and Supplements have risen in popularity. I have to admit I find it fascinating. I studied Reiki for a while and learned about “Body Energy”. I am not a big fan of medications, so I am always looking for a new alternative.
Traditional Medicine, of course, is important in our lives, but learning all you can about what goes on inside your body is equally important
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The other night my husband started telling me about Kinesiology. A customer was using it as she shopped and he inquired about it. 

The academic discipline which involves the study of physical activity and it’s impact on Health, Society and quality of life.

That is the official definition according to dictionary.com. But that tells you nothing right? Kinesiology uses physical activity to restore balance to the body.It finds out what is causing the imbalances in your body through gentle muscle tests.


 It can treat Health Issues such as Stress, Muscular Disorders, Nervous Disorders, Nutritional Deficiencies, Allergies etc. 

The body is made up of energy. The mind is hard-wired to lie to ourselves or tell what we want to hear. The body cannot lie. The body has endless energy for healing and is always working hard to achieve that but at times needs help.

To diagnose what you need help with a Therapist will administer these easy muscle tests. For instance, to figure out foods that you can tolerate they will have you lay down and place foods or essence of foods at a pressure point like your cheek or your neck. You would raise your arm, keeping your muscle strong while the therapist would attempt to push or weaken it down. Your energy will allow it to weaken if you’re body rejects it.


It uses the elements of Chinese Medicine to assess energy and body function. You may be thinking this is utter nonsense and I admit I had my doubts until I tried an easy Muscle Test myself and had my mind blown.

Try it yourself and tell me what you think!

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