Wellness Tips To Avoid These Preventable Diseases

wellness tipsBest Wellness Tips For Good Health

The human body works like a finely tuned machine, each different component playing its role so that everything works together in harmony. However, things can and unfortunately do go wrong. Some of the time it’s out of our control, diseases can be caused by genetics or unknown factors and some people are just incredibly unlucky when it comes to these things. However there are certain illnesses that are entirely preventable with the right wellness tips, and we can and should be taking steps to avoid them. Here are three illnesses that you can avoid by living well. Eating the right foods, exercising and getting enough sleep.



A stroke occurs when a blood vessel in the brain becomes blocked. This blockage is usually caused by fatty deposits that build up in the arteries and can be a result of smoking, alcohol and unhealthy diet. A stroke is always as a medical emergency, and it’s important to act quickly since the sooner the patient is seen by a doctor, the greater the likelihood is of recovery.

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A stroke isn’t always a life sentence, and people can recover and go on to lead normal lives. The best progress is usually made in the first few months, so you will be able to tell after this what kind of recovery they’re likely to make. However the older, weaker and more ill the patient, to begin with, the less chance they have at a good recovery. Centers such as Rehabilitation Port Charlotte can give patients the medical and wellness tips they need to aid the best recovery.

Keeping your body strong and healthy is key to avoiding strokes, give up smoking and excessive drinking. Maintain a healthy body weight, eating wholesome and healthy ingredients to nourish your body. Staying fit and doing enough exercise is also extremely beneficial.


Heart Attack

Heart disease and cardiovascular problems are the number one killer in the US, and most of these cases are completely preventable. While some are caused by genetic problems, others are purely due to bad lifestyle choices. As with strokes, smoking, drinking too much and eating the wrong foods can all cause fatty deposits to build up in the arteries. Eventually, this leads to an ‘attack’ which in some cases is fatal. If you survive a heart attack, you must address your lifestyle to prevent further issues. Speak to your doctor about an exercise routine, of course, this needs to be carefully done since your heart is weak.

Having a heart attack is likely to stir up some strong emotions- fear, denial, depression and anxiety to name a few. Speak to your GP if you’re experiencing mental health issues as a result. On the plus side, sometimes a heart attack can spur people on to make a positive change in their lives. Such a huge ordeal with your life at stake can put things into perspective and allow you to make the changes you need!



When the pancreas no longer produces enough insulin, or the body’s cells don’t react to insulin as they once did it means you have type two diabetes. This is a huge problem in the body as glucose no longer gets used by the body as fuel instead stay in the bloodstream. This can lead to all kinds of health issues from neuropathy (tingling and weakness of the limbs) excess thirst and urination (where the body is trying to ‘flush out’ the glucose).

Best Wellness Tips to prevent disease


It can even lead to blindness and cause infections in the feet needing amputations. Diabetes is more common in certain ethnicities, such as African Americans, Latinos, Native Americans and Asian Americans. Plus it’s more likely to occur as you get older which is something out of your control. But one crucial factor is obesity, and this is something you do have a say over. Our leading wellness tips mean keeping your weight in check and again live a healthy lifestyle to avoid developing this serious condition.
We need to take these diseases seriously and think about how we live. Wellness tips are essential to live better and feel better every day.

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