Wellness Trends: 3 Ways To Meditate You Haven’t Heard Of


Meditation isn’t new but with the popularity of Wellness in recent years new Spa Treatments have emerged. I found four, in particular ,I am itching to try. It is well-known how Meditation affects your overall health. Stress is responsible and linked to so many illnesses it is staggering.

We are so busy that we don’t take the time to be still and that really is at the core of Meditation. I have trouble with it myself so I am always looking for a new way to relax. Meditating doesn’t have to be sitting with your legs in a pretzel humming Omm. The truth is however you achieve stillness, whatever works for you is what matters.


Floatation Therapy

It is usually referred to as “floating” is a Spa Treatment to enhance Mental and Physical Relaxation through Sensory Deprivation. You lay back in a tank of warm water which has 1000 pounds of dissolved Epsom Salts. Usually for an hour to ninety minutes. It is said that after you feel refreshed and mentally clear.

Sound Bath Healing

This is one I really want to try. Generally, most people lay down while Gongs and Crystal Singing Bowls are played. Some centers will even play them right over your body. They claim it is like a sound massage. It promotes deep relaxation and a feeling of enlightened consciousness. 


This is a Ceremony that originated from Mexico and is quite similar to a Native American Sweat Lodge.Temazcal is said to aid in healing Impurities and Ailments. You typically ask for something from the “Great Spirit”. There are chanting and prayer performed by a Shaman.

Meditation Goes Social

As Wellness has gone Global it has become more socially acceptable and celebrated. There are events cropping up everywhere where people embrace the lifestyle inspired by Yoga and meditate together. It has become a trend which is so beneficial not only for your own well-being but also as a way to connect with others.
In July Central Park in New York City is hosting “The Big Quiet”. This event is really more of a Festival hosted by Well+Good with events centered around the Wellness Lifestyle. Check it out here
Even if you can’t get to a Spa or Event you can practice meditation right from your phone. Here are some apps to try for free:

I hope these ideas inspire you to find stillness in your life for even a few minutes a day. Relaxation is key to balance in your life. 

Be Healthy!

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