Why You Can’t Sleep And How To Fix It

We Don’t Get Enough Sleep

Most of us don’t get enough sleep. I’ve heard people say they get 4 to 6 hours a night and think that is ok. The truth is it’s not ok. In sleep, the body is repairing itself. You need 8 hours. Not getting enough sleep leaves you susceptible to many illnesses.

After a long day, we can’t wait to plop down on our nice, fluffy pillows and think , just like that because we are so sleepy, we will sleep like the dead but just the opposite happens. It is the one time we actually stop moving and that is when the thoughts rush in. There are a few steps to ensure a good night’s rest.

Establish a routine. Go to bed at around the same time every day. Your body takes cues from you.

Start winding down a half hour before you plan to sleep. Practice meditative or deep breathing techniques.

Your bedroom should be about two things. Sleep and Sex. Keep electronic devices out. The light they emit will interrupt sleep.


It is also possible that you have a sleep disorder. Many Adults and Children do. In many cases, you don’t even know.


We all made fun of my grandmother and called her “The Night Stalker”. All night you would find her sitting in a chair or roaming the house. I became her. I originally thought it was a remnant left over from Motherhood. When you have kids you kind of sleep with one eye open. I could hear them move from the next room. Years after they’d grown, I still awoke around four times a night. What I found out surprised me.
I have Sleep Apnea. One night my husband was awake when I was sleeping and I scared the crap out of him by waking up with a gasp. He said it was like I couldn’t breathe.


Sleep Apnea is when you have pauses in your sleep or gasps. It can happen many times in an hour or night. It means you don’t sleep deeply and often feel very tired during the day. Essentially what happens is,your airways become blocked during sleep. You can’t diagnose Sleep Apnea with a blood test. Only with a sleep study.
This condition can be caused by many things. Extra weight, Enlarged Tonsils, Allergies, A dental overbite. I believe stress also plays a role.
Sleep Apnea is often treated with a Continuous Airway Device, A mask which gently blows air into your airways while you sleep. It is also suggested to sleep with your head raised at least four inches.
  • Lose Weight
  • Limit Alcohol And Medicine
  • Limit Caffeine
Probably the most common Sleep Disorder is Insomnia. All of us have had nights we just can’t fall asleep. For many it is more serious than that. I believe women more than men tend to live with this disorder. We lay down and 200 things are swirling in front in our minds eye. I think it is directly related to stress and is a great reason for a routine and initiating relaxation meditation and exercises. 
Many use sleeping pills as an aid however, they can be very addictive. Melatonin and Valerian are Herbal Supplements that have proved helpful. Avoid late meals as well.


Knowing when you’re kids are stressed is important to their health in so many ways. They tend to not be open about it either. Stress in children can lead to disorders such as Night Terrors,
Night terrors are caused by over-stimulation of the Central Nervous System. It can happen if your child is over-tired, in a strange or new environment or on a new medication. Night terrors are rare and only occur in 3 to 6% of children and typically disappear as they mature.
Night Terrors are more dramatic than nightmares. They are a sudden reaction to fear and why they may wake up gasping and thrashing about. They are more common in boys.
  • Maintain a bedtime routine
  • Deal with stress
  • Get enough rest

Do you have trouble sleeping? Tell me your story.


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  1. Sometimes I have troubles sleeping, perhaps because I always have my cellphone with me and I would be tempted to check on it from time to time. I should put it somewhere not near our bed. Other than than, I have a rather peaceful sleep, unless my 10-month old would suddenly ask for milk.

  2. I don't have trouble falling asleep, but I end up getting only 4-6 hours of sleep. This is because of the long travel time from my office to my house. I don't have the choice of leaving early since our traffic is really horrible. Also, there are times that I have to attend events.

    By the way, it's my first time hearing of Sleep Apnea. It's good to learn something new. Thank you for sharing.

    By Me-An of yogoandcream.com

  3. As for me, what helped is removing my phone from my bed. I get distracted with browsing and Facebook that by the time I should go to sleep, my mind has become too active. So it helps to disassociate myself from the Internet several minutes before bed time.

    I agree with practicing meditative or breathing techniques. There's this rapid breathing method that I do in about 5 minutes and afterwards I can sleep continuously for the rest of the night.

  4. Yes I don't bring the phone in the room with me anymore since finding out about the blue light issue. I have to do the breathing as a high strung persone, it really helps. Thanks for reading

  5. At times, I have an ongoing habit of waking every morning at 3am with the inability of returning to sleep. I have never been able to identify what causes it, or how to fix it!

  6. I stopped TV in the bedroom, but still look at my phone. I had trouble sleeping for a long long time, and started loving sleep when I was pregnant last year. I still love it, lol as you can imagine when you have a little one so now I am enjoying my night's sleep when I can get it.

  7. This is such an informative and useful post. The truth is that I have been through this before. Dying to meet my bed and sleep and then being unable to. Then I'd get6 hour sleep and I'd feel horrible in the morning . I always tell people I am one of those who needs at least 8hours to feel productive during the day. Usually people don't understand this. Thanks for the tips.

  8. Thanks Ana. I feel the same way and we all need it. People don't always realize they do but your body usually tells you if you are paying attention. Thanks for reading

  9. I alwayas have problems in sleeping (spending one to two hourse awake after lying in bed and disturbed sleep). It's not all the time and there are places that make me sleep so deep until 8 hours. All I assumed is it depends of where I am, but definitely have to check it more.

  10. I have a little trouble sleeping. Mostly it's because I feel like I have too many things to do. Also I don't have a "bedroom". I live in one room, so everything's all together. But I will start taking your advice to wind down 30 minutes before sleeping. You are right that 8 hours is so important!

  11. I have had such a bad patch recently, a combination of stress and my thyroid being out and have been getting 5-6 hours sleep a night. That feeling of being exhausted but not being able to sleep is awful. Meditation and breathing in to the count of four, holding for seven and breathing out for eight help me most of the time and Rescue Remedy is fantastic.

  12. I am guilty of using electronic devices while on the bedroom and that is probably the number one reason I can't sleep at night. Thank you for reminding us that sleep is very important. I will start ditching my habit of using my phone at night.

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