Clever Ways To Stay Healthy During The Winter Flu Season

flu season

How To Fight Winter Flu Season

Now Christmas is over; we find ourselves firmly in the middle of flu season. Everywhere you turn someone is sneezing and coughing, stores are selling out of flu remedies, and workplaces and schools are half empty. But, flu isn’t the only thing we have to contend with.

There are also winter coughs and colds, sickness bugs and other illnesses going around. If you’ve got kids, or work with them, you may find that you are almost constantly ill this time of the year, or that you never quite feel at your best. As soon as you are over one bug, another pops up, and you are reaching for the tissues again.

flu season

But, you don’t need to give in to it and accept that you are going to be suffering through the flu season, or even worse find yourself in the hospital because it’s all gotten too much, or contacting a medical malpractice lawyer because something has gone wrong with your care. Instead, you can help yourself. You can take proper care of yourself, boost your immunity and beat all of these awful winter bugs. Here’s how.

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Now we’re into the new year, and things have calmed down, it’s time to get some rest. Sleep is your bodies chance to take a break and recover. Not getting enough means your immune system doesn’t get the proper chance to fight germs. Make the most of the dark evenings and get some decent rest.

Clever Ways To Stay Healthy During The Winter Flu Season


Eat Right

The most natural way to boost your immune system is with your diet. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, especially things high in vitamin C like sweet potatoes, citrus fruits and bell peppers. It’s also a good idea to reduce the saturated fat and refined sugar in your diet to keep your energy levels up so that even if you do get sick, you don’t feel too bad.

flu season

Personal Hygiene

The best way to stop everything from colds to the norovirus getting into your system is with personal hygiene. Washing your hands is your first line of defense. So, do it as often as you can. Wash before and after eating, after using the toilet, before touching your face and after blowing your nose. Encourage great hygiene habits in your children and other family members, to stop the spread of anything they might catch.

Home Hygiene

You should also keep your home clean, especially during flu season. Especially after someone has been ill, to stop the viruses hanging around and re-infecting. Use an anti-bacterial cleaner on your surfaces and appliances and wash all of your towels and bedding.


Exercise is probably the last thing that you feel like doing when it’s cold outside, and you aren’t feeling your best. But, it will help. Exercise helps you sleep, and boosts your energy levels. Both of which help your body to fight off viruses and recover, as well as helping you to maintain a healthy weight, boosting your circulation and lowering your blood pressure. Try to at least go for a walk every day, and take it easy if you don’t feel great to combat germs this flu season.

Staying healthy during flu season is easy with these simple lifestyle tweaks. How do you get through the winter flu season?

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