Which Workout Is For You? 4 Workouts To Try

Choosing The Best Workout

Getting Fit

A big part of embracing Wellness is your workout. We all know we should exercise but getting started is always the most challenging part. Not only that but which exercise is right for me? We are bombarded with information about workouts of all kinds that make huge promises. It is not a one size fits all proposition.
You have to consider what kind of body shape you are in first. I always suggest starting small. There are other things to consider too. You have to ask yourself these questions
  • What is my goal?
  • Will I enjoy it?
  • Will I stick with it?

Starting an exercise routine does no good if you don’t commit yourself to the long-term. Many people start working out only to lose interest. Or maybe they achieve results and figure they don’t have to work so hard anymore. That is the number one mistake people make.

Before you start you need to do research, try new things. So many gyms offer Trial Memberships and free classes. Try One! If it isn’t fun, there is no point.

Low and High Impact Workouts

The difference between High Impact Workouts and Low Impact Workouts is the stress it puts on your body. If you have issues with your joints you should opt for Low Impact. If you are really out of shape or have a low fitness level, it is suggested you start low. Workouts that are Low Impact are
  • Yoga
  • Swimming
  • Walking

High Impact Workouts are those that have a higher level of intensity like Running, Strength Training, even Crossfit if you’re brave. After you have been working out a while it is suggested you combine the two for maximum results. Besides that, Cross-training keeps it interesting. Getting bored will lead to quitting.


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What Is Crossfit?

Crossfit’s official definition is Functional Movement at high intensity. It is designed for strength and conditioning. It is a mix of Aerobics, Gymnastics, and Body Weight Exercises. The workouts are very intense and usually around 30 minutes.
While it is worthwhile for Cardio Health and Muscle Strength, injuries are very common. A Personal Trainer told me it was the worst workout she’d ever seen. She went on to say there are other workouts that achieve similar results without all the injuries.

So the opinion on this workout craze is mixed. I wouldn’t even attempt it if you’re not at an intermediate level, where fitness is concerned. I haven’t tried it and I’ve tried them all but this seemed like torture to me. Just my opinion.

Here is a post from my other blog with 5 fun workouts to try!


I write a lot of wellness for women on my blog and of course exercise is a huge part of that! Just like you, I know I should do it a lot more than I do. I am also groaning at the thought of it, so I tend to think if we threw in some fun workouts in our routine it wouldn’t be such a trial to get off the couch and do it.
So I found five different fun workouts for women that are worth giving  a shot. Granted, your best option is taking a class but there are plenty of videos and methods to modify so you can do this from home as well.
Let me just say I have no behind! So naturally I thought twerking was not going to happen for me. That couldn’t be further from the truth! Anyone can do it with practice. It concentrates on small movements which make your body work harder. You work your hips, abs, thighs and glutes at the same time and it’s fun.


OK, so you never saw yourself working the pole (pun intended)! Pole Dancing  workouts are combination of stretching, dance, and gymnastics that builds upper body strength and core endurance. You know you’ve always wanted to! Techniques often pair with Aerobics to make control on the pole easier.


Roller skating has been around for a very long time! I think it was most popular in the eighties but still, is around in force. My husband has been a dance skater since he was a child and still goes every week. It is easy on your joints and burns a lot of calories. It is good for the glutes, legs, and surprisingly the arms as well. Builds strength, improves balance and agility. One of the easiest of the workouts, you don’t even feel like you’re exercising.


We all know what Spinning is by now, a high-intensity stationary bike workout but they have added a fun twist with Karaoke. Singing along forces you to control your breathing. It is low impact cardio and tones your legs and glutes.


Here is my favorite! Belly dancing is so good for your body in so many ways and can heat things up in the boudoir too! It improves flexibility, coordination, core balance and posture. Tones muscles in your arms, legs, back and abs. Dance of any kind is my go-to workout. So good for stress and making you feel happy and free.
So find a Workout that is best for you and you will stick with. Try everything first. Start slow and build to a Cross-Training plan to get the most benefits for your body. Be Healthy


  1. I have to do something fun to tolerate working out so I do zumba classes at my gym. I also like belly dancing! And I don’t take a class for it but twerking is always fun too lol!

    1. lol@twerking. There is a whole workout based on it that is really popular. I have tried Zumba and thats a workout for sure.

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