Workplace Wellness: How To Know If Your Job Is Making You Sick


Is Your Job Making You Sick?

We need money to pay our bills! This is what drives us perhaps to work at jobs we don’t really like. We don’t notice how it is hurting us or our health because we are driven by doing what we have to. So we ignore the signs that in effect we may be killing ourselves.
I am no different. Today I am doing what I love but in all honesty, I did exactly that for most of my working life. I had bills to pay and they wouldn’t wait for me to find my passion in life. The result of this, however, resulted in health issues that made me take a step back and examine if what I was doing was worth the toll it took on my well being.


Stress is the leading cause of many diseases and health issues we maybe don’t pay much attention to until it’s too late. The truth is when we feel an obligation to our job and there is no emotional connection to where we are working or what we are doing, it leads to problems.
Today we can barely get away from our jobs thanks to the Internet and email in particular. It used to be that when we left we were done but now that we are always connected, we never go home so to speak.
Your relationships at work are important.  Good relationships at work keep you motivated and perform better. Not getting along with your co-workers or your bosses can lead to a feeling of dread in your everyday life that ou can’t get away from. A few symptoms that work stress is affecting your health are:
  • Fatigue
  • Cramps
  • Back Problems
  • Stomach Issues

We Don’t Move Enough

It is a fact that over half of all office workers suffer physical pain. We don’t move enough. We stand or sit too much.
 I am at a computer all day so I know all about this. I have to make myself get up every hour or so and walk around.
Two issues that are all too common are breaks and overtime.
 A majority of people are no longer taking breaks. The truth is, this leads to poor performance at work because you get tired.
You need to take breaks to regroup and clear your mind.
Too much time at work is also an issue. You need balance. Sometimes the money isn’t worth the toll it takes on you.

Important Steps To Take

Find a job you can feel passionate about. I used to think this was mumbo jumbo but it really does make a difference in your life. It might take sacrifice but it’s worth it in the end.
Take more breaks. Not striking the balance between rest and work can lead to problems like Heart Disease and Obesity. When we work without taking breaks, we tend to engage in bad habits like eating what we shouldn’t.
Disconnect when you get home. Turn off your email alerts. Decide not to look at them. Work-life balance is hard to achieve but you need to regroup and decompress. Don’t talk about work.
Look for ways you can improve your work relationships. It’s ok to be a little personal. Figure out what the problem is and try to fix it. Poor work relationships can be emotionally draining.

Corporate Wellness

There are companies that are winning at Wellness. They really get the benefits of wellness in the workplace.
Workplace Wellness has proven to improve productivity. It has also proven to reduce medical costs and sick days.
Fitbit not only has programs for their own employees but has created Innovative Programs for other companies as well.
Google is a leading example of this and honestly my dream workplace. At Google, you can take naps, shower, do laundry, get massages and there are even lego stations.
Zappos takes their employees on Wellness Adventures off site and has recess ,where employees can play just like you did when you were a kid. What is more awesome than that?
Other companies are offering amazing benefits such as free Fitness, Gardening, and Sports to keep their employees happy and healthy.
If your job is making you sick and sapping your energy and spirit it is time to consider what you can do to improve that part of your life. Balance is essential in every area of your life to be healthy. Take more breaks, work less and enjoy life more.


  1. Work related stress is the reason I left my (high paying ) job 2 years ago. I was worried about not having money to pay bills but in all honesty, I feel so much better now that I’m no longer working there. What good is the money when you’re too stressed out to spend it?


  2. Honestly I’ve been dealing with this a lot lately. Blogging is one of the only things I do that I enjoy. I’m too far into my major to change and I don’t think I like it and I also am not the biggest fan of my part-time job. Hopefully, when I graduate I can do something I’m passionate about.

    1. What is funny about this is something my husband told me, you have to try different things to find the one thing you like and usually you will just fall into it

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