Healthy Fats We Need In Our Diet To Lose Weight

Healthy Fats And Why You Need Them   Losing weight can be an upward climb, can’t it? It seems all the time new information is circulating on what we should and shouldn’t eat. Misinformation has been rampant and the biggest myth is that a low-fat diet will help you lose weight. That being said don’t go bingeing on a pound of bacon just yet.   There are good fats and bad fats. The truth is we need some fat in our diet. Healthy fats can lower your cholesterol and help


The Truth About Joint Health You Need To Know

We hear it all the time, to the point where it becomes just another part of taking care of ourselves. We are constantly told to look after our joints; keep them happy; joint care is a priority concern.         Amazing Facts About Joint Health   Is it just me, or are joints beginning to sound a little… well… needy? There’s a whole lot of you; your entire body could do with more care if you have it to give. So why are we obsessing about joints in


5 Aqua Workouts To Step Up Your Fitness Routine

  How To Get Stronger With Aqua Workouts   It’s so important to have variety in your workouts. The number one reason I believe people give up on fitness is boredom. So I am always on the lookout for interesting workouts to keep you interested. Fitness should be fun and what is more fun than spending time in the pool! Aqua Workouts have been around since the 80’s and I’m sure you remember Water Ballet and then Aerobics. Well ,today they are more popular than ever and there are many different


Sex And Your Health: STD Signs You Need To Know

  How To Know If You Have An STD Are you sexually active? Oh my gosh, flashback to when I was a teenager, being interviewed by my mother! In all seriousness, there’s nothing wrong with being sexually active. You don’t even have to feel ashamed about sleeping around. You only live once and as One Direction said, you might as well live while you’re young. Or was it Kesha? Both were a few years back now, but the point is that it’s perfectly normal. The only problem is those darn


Dysphagia Facts And Effective Treatment Techniques That Work

  What Is Dysphagia? Dysphagia is a condition that causes discomfort and difficulty when swallowing liquids and food. It is generally a side effect of issues such as esophageal damage or severe acid reflux. It’s an uncomfortable condition to develop as it makes enjoying your favorite meals very difficult. From heartburn to choking, dysphagia symptoms vary from person to person. But thankfully, they can be treated and managed effectively. Medication from your doctor can treat both the cause of your dysphagia, and it’s symptoms. But there are also changes you can


6 Habits That Are Destroying Your Health And How To Fix Them

  The Habits That May Be Destroying Your Health Looking after your health is much more straightforward than it often seems. We often get into habits of thinking about our health which actually prove to make it worse. However, looking after yourself is often a simple matter of following some basic principles. Some of the things that most get in the way of our physical health are our bad habits. These can start slow and quickly build up, and before you know it they have become bigger problems than we


Chronic Illness And How To Seek Help

  How To Deal With Chronic Illness If you suffer from a long-term health condition, you may find yourself struggling to keep up with your work, family life and other responsibilities. You might not be able to work as much as you’d like to and fall behind on rent and bill payments. The last thing you need when suffering illness is to also fall into massive debt. Here are a few ideas on how to tackle your illness head on and receive support as you do so.   Mental Health


The Power Of Cleansing Your Body To Get Rid Of Toxins

  How To Get Healthy With Cleansing   Over the past five years, the term ‘cleansing’ has become the new buzzword of the health and wellness industry. Detoxing has become the new in-thing to do and comes with many benefits, or so we’re led to believe. However, despite having thousands of good reviews, cleanses also have some bad ones too. Reviews – or should we say horror stories, that have the power to put you off the idea of detoxing for life. Cleansing For Detox While there are stories of


8 Free Health, Fitness And Wellness Apps That Rock!

8 Free Health, Fitness, And Wellness Apps You Need Right Now! We are a Technology Culture now and spend a big chunk of our time attached to our Cell Phones! I would guess most of us have so many apps installed we barely have any storage space. It’s incredible, right? There’s almost nothing you can’t do on your phone now. So what apps do you use most? Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram would probably be the most common answers but with everyone worldwide shifting to Healthy Lifestyles it only makes sense


20 Minute Core Workout To Get Strong Fast

How To Strengthen Your Core In 20 Minutes A Day Years ago when I worked in Hospitality I had no idea what a Core Workout was or why I even needed it. I literally would lose my balance just walking for no reason at all. The Personal Trainer on staff told me my core was weak. Yes, I gave her the look that said , What do you know about my core lady?   Why You Need A Core Workout She explained to me that your core needs to be